In a pinch: Doctors remove python from owner's ear

Ashley Glawe of Portland, Oregon, has a pet royal python called Bart.

One day Ashley and Bart ended up at the emergency room — together. It's hard to know whether the situation was worse for her or for him: Bart got stuck in the hole in Ashley's earlobe. 

It's a very big hole and Ashley had left her jewelry out. Bart decided it would be interesting to crawl through it.

Unfortunately, he miscalculated and before Ashley could do anything, Bart was stuck. He couldn't wriggle forwards or slide back out backwards. Not knowing how to help him (or herself at this point), Ashley drove to the emergency room and asked for help.

Doctors gave her a local anesthetic and then used a thin cord to stretch the hole wider so that Bart could finally escape from the awkward trap. 

At last it worked and both snake and young woman left the hospital much relieved! (After which, Ashley shared the story on social media for the comic relief of her friends...)


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