Record: Doctors remove 232 teeth from 17-year-old's mouth

Ashik Garai, a 17-year-old teenager from India had been suffering for 18 months from intense pain in his lower jaw. The doctors in the surrounding area of his remote village didn't know what could be causing it. When the right side of the boy's face swelled more and more, his father eventually brought him to a hospital in Mumbai. 

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When the doctors in Mumbai examined his jaw, they were completely amazed: inside Ashik's mouth were 232 teeth! This discovery led to an extraction lasting seven hours. The boy had been suffering from a condition called complex odontoma, a type of non-malignant tumor made up of hard substances such as tooth enamel and dentine.

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"I not seen anything like this before in my 30-year career," commented lead surgeon Vandana Thorawade.  She put the case further into perspective, "According to medical literature available on the condition, it is known to affect the upper jaw and a maximum of 37 teeth have been extracted from the tumor in the past. But in Ashik's case, the tumor was found deep in the lower jaw and it had hundreds of teeth."

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In the meantime, Ashik has recovered from the ordeal and can now smile pain free: with only 28 teeth.

You can watch a short report about his case in this video:

It must have been a huge relief for Ashik to finally be free from the pain. Who would have thought that something like this could have caused it. At least he found the medical assistance he needed and can now lead a happy, pain-free life.



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