Woman with serious genetic disorder gives birth to healthy baby boy

Having a baby is always serious work. Every parent in the world knows that raising children is an exhausting, around-the-clock job.

But what's simply exhausting for other parents is nearly impossible for Sheree Psaila. This 22-year-old woman was born with something called Arthrogryposis multiplex congenita (AMC), a stiffness in her joints that prevents her from building muscle tone in her legs or arms. Her own parents were warned after she was born that she probably wouldn't survive more than a year.

After a series of successful operations, doctors were happy to report that Sheree would survive, although she would be wheelchair-bound for the rest of her life. But Sheree had a mind of her own. When she was five years old, Sheree took her first steps and continued to fight for a "normal" life. She graduated from high school and began a degree program at a technical college.

That's where she met Chris, who understood what it's like to live with daily challenges. His lower spine was damaged from a genetic disorder that he'd inherited. Sheree and Chris fell in love and got married in 2015; they knew they wanted to start a family.

Unfortunately, Sheree's first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. Doctors told her she was unlikely to ever have children of her own. "But they couldn't ever tell me why," said Sheree. They tried again and experienced a magical nine months together until...

Little Hayden was born via c-section. Their beautiful baby weighed 5.5 pounds at birth and was perfectly healthy. There is not a single sign that he inherited any genetic disorder whatsoever.

Sheree is realizing how hard it is to be a mother. She can barely hold her own baby because her arms are so weak. "Sometimes when he cries, I have to wait until someone puts him in my arms," she said.

Thankfully, Chris and another caretaker are very supportive and willing to help. The little family is over the moon.

They are two beautiful young parents, figuring out the ins and outs of having a baby just like every set of new parents. Best of luck to them!


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