Petition: A dog is likely to die for such a futile reason

The Dogo Argentino is a breed of dog that was developed in Argentina primarily for the purpose of big-game hunting. It is a particularly social dog, well-suited to group environments and, because its aggressive traits have purposely been bred out, attacks on humans or other pets are extremely rare. 



But because of its reputation as a fighting dog, it is considered dangerous and in some countries the breed is banned. This is the case in Denmark, where Dogo Argentino dogs are forbidden. And if they get caught, the penalty is death.


Giuseppe, an Italian chef, learned this the hard way. Completely unaware of these local laws, he brought his beloved dog, Iceberg, to Denmark with him. There was no problem at the airport, but something went terribly wrong during his trip. The Danish police noticed Iceberg during a relatively harmless tussle between her and another dog on the street (neither dog was injured) and, just like that, Iceberg was taken away from Giuseppe. Now Iceberg is locked away in a kennel in Copenhagen where she is waiting to be put down.

A cruel fate, nonsensical and entirely unfair for Iceberg and her loving owner. Giuseppe can't understand the whole thing and simply can't reconcile himself to such a defeat. For this reason, along with the support of many famous people in Italy, a petition (in Italian) has been opened to save Iceberg's life. This dog, brought up with such tenderness, love and affection by his owner simply cannot die this way. There isn't much time left... we can all join in Giuseppe's quest to bring home his dog!


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