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Little boy born with severe cleft lip shows incredible bravery
Little boy born with severe cleft lip shows incredible bravery
Little Brazilian girl is already a fantastic hard-rock percussionist
Little girl fights back
Little girl outwits congressman on plane
Little girl pulls the legendary sword "Excalibur" from a lake
Little girl rescues cat from garbage can in Istanbul
Little girl suffers from painful skin condition
Little girl with cerebral palsy gets a special gift
Little girl's 911 call sends important message about domestic violence
"Little House on the Prairie" — what are the stars doing now?
Little kid starts singing on bus — and bus driver joins in
Local radio station offers financial help to grieving mother
London mother's decisive action saves her family from tower fire
London store stages a dramatic torture display against animal testing
Lonely Fukushima resident cares for those unable to evacuate: animals
Looking back on artist Marina Abramović's disturbing work
Lovechild: Baby has unique birthmark on forehead
Lovers meet again after 74 years apart and get married
Loving dog makes friends with a little boy with Down Syndrome
Loving letter from deceased wife to new wife and family
Loving parents decide to let son, born with Trisomy 13, live
Lucky break: Man survives horrible shark attack
Lurking in the deep: Stunning photos of sea creatures
Magical: Baby born with snow-white hair
Magical: Haunting places abandoned by man, often reclaimed by nature
Mailman gets creative so an eager retriever gets a daily letter
Malnourished dog is finally rescued
Malnourished dog is rescued and reunited with her puppies
Mama cat cares for three baby ducks
Man accidentally chops off daughter's feet, doctor sews them back on
Man achieves something unbelievable because he doesn't have a computer
Man adopts baby girl he found abandoned in park
Man begs to rescue his dog from the pound
Man buried alive to raise awareness about an important issue
Man burns his legs after applying bug spray
Man buys every pizza in the restaurant and gives it out to homeless
Man constipated for years undergoes drastic surgery
Man dies of heart attack after chewing his fingernails
Man enables poor 17-year-old to have best ever graduation ceremony
Man ends up in emergency room after sticking chopstick into penis
Man finally allowed to explore his grandparents' old house
Man finds worm in cucumber and gets funny reaction from supermarket
Man forgets keys and breaks down door to free his puppy
Man frees turtle from bottle stuck to its shell
Man gets 13 lb tumor removed from his neck
Man gets cancer and has part of his face removed
Man gives 23-year-old mother a note telling her she's a good mother
Man gives waitress huge tip to help pay for her dog's operation
Man has rare surgery to save his hand after machine accident
Man in airport waiting area gives fellow passengers a big surprise
Man invents organic material to change how we use plastic
Man loses seven teeth when a vape explodes in his face
Man on motorcycle films hit-and-run and the high-speed chase!
Man pays for his stepdaughter's wedding only to be deceived
Man pays for the meals of several families
Man proposes to girlfriend with the help of family and friends
Man receives letter from time capsule hidden by his deceased wife
Man receives shocking diagnosis after honeymoon breakdown
Man rescues a bear cub from certain death
Man rescues young girls abducted by dangerous criminal
Man seeks professional help to remove enormous, bulging lump on back
Man takes care of terminally ill children till the end
Man tries to kidnap a baby in the middle of a supermarket
Man tries to murder his own son but child survives — and thrives
Man wanders for four years and ends up 6,500 miles from home
Man watches video of his wife's daily routine
Man who shot himself in face receives face transplant from dead man
Man who was in foster care as child helps 25,000 foster kids today
Man with severe disability finds the love of his life
Man writes touching message to the mother of his child
Man's powerful insight into his difficult marriage is a lesson for all
Manicurist shows old woman the beauty of her hands
Marathon runner adopts dog but on the way home it disappears
Marines rescue woman with altitude sickness on Mt. Fuji
Married couple with Down syndrome still happy after all these years
Mata Hari: The extraordinary destiny of the first "femme fatale"
Mayor returns garbage to people who dumped it in the forest
Mean customer calls Down syndrome employee a retard
Message on granddaughter's outfit moves grandpa to tears
Mexican claims his 20-inch penis is the longest in the world
Mexican man suffers serious consequences after ignoring medical advice
Mexican organization saves abused dog on rooftop
Military vet protects his two children from a bank robber
Mime accepts dance challenge from young spectator
Mini ninja warrior tears up backyard obstacle course built by her dad
Mini-houses offer affordable option for potential homeowners
Missing boy finds his family after 25 years thanks to Google Earth
Model gives up strict diet to lead a happy life
Model with malformed face helps children with same condition
Model with moles competes to be Miss Universe
Modern technology has the answer to all your bedroom woes
Mom films the reaction of her kids being reunited with their lost cat
Mom hangs underwear on laundry line and gets note from a neighbor
Mom issues warning to others about chicken pox and a common OTC med
Mom mistakes cup for dildo in dishwasher
Mom of three doubles the no. of children in her next pregnancy
Mom posts photo of pierced baby to draw attention to a cause
Mom sacrifices herself for her unborn baby
Mom takes a stand on Facebook after stranger's accusations