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How the "ghost girls" revolutionized workers' rights
Hungry dog brings food to her puppies
Hunter saves deer with clever trick
Husband confronts cheating wife on a very special day
Husband encounters chaos at home and is humbled when he finds out why
Husband leaves sweet message for wife in her coffee cup every day
Husband leaves wife when 36 weeks pregnant
Husband organizes second wedding for his amnesiac wife
Husband reveals reasons for his failed marriage
Husband struggles under the sun to take his disabled wife to the beach
Husband writes moving letter to wife after terrible fight
Husky-wolf mix goes on a worldwide adventure
Hyperthyroidism stopped this 35-year-old woman’s development
Images that are as disturbing as they are fascinating
Important video: Mourning mother warns about blood poisoning
Impressive photos of people who have defeated anorexia
Impressive: 400-pound man becomes fitness superstar
Impressive: Homeless Spanish man given life-changing makeover
In a pinch: Doctors remove python from owner's ear
In the running for cutest dog picture ever...
In this family, the father is the mother and the mother is the father
In this German housing project the rent is only $1 a year
Incredible! Woman gives birth to 14-pound baby
Incredible: Biggest family in Great Britain has 19 kids
Incredible: Mother adopts own son back seven years after giving him up
Incredible: Tiny premature baby survives the most critical phase
Incredibly moving video of a mom singing to her dying daughter
Indian woman speaks for the rights of acid attack victims
Injured 25-year-old survives 28 hours alone in the wilderness
Injured boy with amnesia found on the street
Injured dolphin approaches diver and asks for help
Inspirational: Aslan the lion gets his bite back
Inspiring: Three Muslim schoolgirls form a thrash metal band
Inspiring: Woman becomes fitness instructor despite paralysis
Internet uproar: Photo of scar from an operation that saved two lives
Irish artist is captivated by something he sees every day: rain.
Is there anything funnier than a pit bull doing cartwheels?
Is this the actual birth? The new trend in realistic babyshower cakes
It takes a second glance to understand these legs
Italian artist creates incredible works of art on human bodies
Italian doctor dresses as clown to entertain kids in war zones
Joke of day: Dog in heat needs a walk
Joke of Day: Wife gets help from a stranger to fix up her home
Joke of the Day: 16-year-old girl denies having sex
Joke of the Day: A deal with God
Joke of the day: A drunk provokes a biker
Joke of the Day: A man thinks his stay-at-home wife has it easy
Joke of the Day: A new manager wants to make his mark
Joke of the Day: Blind woman tells blonde joke to a blonde audience
Joke of the Day: Bridegroom has to try on his wife's pants
Joke of the Day: Couple wants to get married in heaven
Joke of the Day: Dad embarrassed by what daughter learned in school
Joke of the Day: Department store for husbands... with a catch!
Joke of the day: Elderly lady asks pharmacist for a box of condoms
Joke of the day: Employee asks for a pay raise
Joke of the Day: Employee claims to know everyone
Joke of the day: Employee insults his boss on the phone
Joke of the Day: Family thinks their lizard pet is pregnant
Joke of the Day: Ferrari driver wants a pig
Joke of the day: Gassy old woman goes to the doctor
Joke of the Day: Girl can see into the future
Joke of the Day: Grandma teaches bank important lesson
Joke of the Day: Husband believes his wife is hard of hearing
Joke of the Day: Husband breaks the bad news to his wife on the phone
Joke of the Day: Husband wants to become "master" of the house
Joke of the Day: Lawyer gets caught in a speed trap
Joke of the day: Lie detector reveals dark family secret
Joke of the day: Little girl chats with a policeman on horseback
Joke of the Day: Mammogram technician gets what's coming to her
Joke of the day: Man asks God for one wish
Joke of the Day: Man gets a surprise in the mail
Joke of the Day: Officials search for drugs on a farm
Joke of the day: Parents catch daughter with special toy
Joke of the Day: Politician has to choose between heaven and hell
Joke of the Day: Researcher tortured the Amazonian way
Joke of the Day: Taxi driver can't stop talking about guy he never met
Joke of the Day: Troublemaker picks on man in a bar
Joke of the Day: Two boys walk into a pharmacy
Joke of the Day: Two kids discuss their operations in the hospital
Joke of the Day: Wife brings something special back from business trip
Joke of the Day: Wife catches husband in bed with a younger woman
Joke of the day: Wife sends her husband to a hypnotist
Joke of the Day: wife's plan proving husband wasn't on a business trip
Joke of the Day: Wife's response to divorce — most compelling
Joke of the Day: Woman gets beauty surgery and a surprise!
Joke of the Day: Woman harassed by a stranger at her door
Joke of the Day: Young man tries his luck in the big city
Junkyard dog goes out of her way to help other animals
Kids sell homemade bracelets to raise money for a sick friend
Kind employee at McDonald's does something heartwarming to customer
Kind policeman saved elderly man, bringing tears to viewers' eyes
Kind woman offers to help young mother on an airplane
Kitten rescued just in time
Last farewell: Horse says goodbye to deceased owner
Law passed to allow hunting of animals while they're hibernating
Lawyer asks witness a simple question and immediately regrets it
Lesbian couple adopts a child with Down syndrome
Lifelong friend grants single mother her dying wish
Lightning strikes 16 feet away from man trying to film it
Listening to his young daughter say her prayers gave him a real fright