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Fascinating video: Silly-looking squid discovered at 3,000 feet
Fascinating: Italian sculptor designs bizarre bodies
Fascinating: These sunken cities leave archeologists breathless
Fascinatingly disgusting: Strange fungus "hatches" from egg
Fastfood worker with Down Syndrome retires after 32 years
Father and son put a photo online and create an internet tornado
Father beats up friend who sexually assaulted his one-year-old
Father brings his three-year-old daughter back from the dead
Father defends his "brain-dead" son with a gun
Father documents toddler tantrum for important message
Father drowns in tragic circumstances rescuing six-year-old son
Father films his daughter for 15 seconds every week until she is 16
Father finds a big surprise on his windshield
Father finds new hope after his wife dies suddenly during childbirth
Father has some fun with Photoshop and his baby son
Father saves kids by throwing them out of burning building
Father shares experience of catching daughter in bed with a guy
Father spreads warning online about virus that almost killed his baby
Father styles daughter's hair like a pro!
Father teaches bullied son self-confidence so he can pursue his dreams
Father teaches his young daughter how to hunt
Father teaches texting kids a hard lesson
Father uses fake kid to get candy from his neighbors
Father warns of dangerous sleeping position after death of his child
Father warns of injuries caused by diaper
Father-daughter surprise guests with a sensational wedding dance
Fearless dog saves his family from fire
Fifteen hilarious fashion fails that will leave you in stitches
Fifteen panoramic photo fails
Fifteen photos that'll make you look twice
Fifteen pictures that'll have you looking twice
Fifteen-year-old meets the girl who now has her dead brother's heart
Fifty-year-old suffers severe complications after botched operation
Finally rescued: Neglected dog almost suffocated on its own fur
Finally: Taiwan makes eating of dogs and cats illegal
Find out whether you have OCD or not by doing this test
Finding a girl frozen solid, he knew she was dead. But he was wrong.
Fire department called after date goes embarrassingly wrong
Firefighter helps deliver a baby girl, then adopts her!
Firefighter saves wedding guest from choking to death
Firefighters make a dying child's wish come true
Fireman who saved baby gets to see her graduate from high school
First family with surviving septuplets — now all grown up
Five-year-old girl saves younger sister from burning house
Five-year-old saves lives of other family members after car accident
Former bodybuilder shows off a figure she's happy with
Former drug addict mom posts horrific images on Facebook
Former drug addict posts pictures of her drastic transformation
Former model is fighting cancer with a big smile
Formerly anorexic woman posts pictures of her recovery
Formerly obese young woman transforms dramatically
Forty unforgettable photos capture the full spectrum of human emotion
Four brothers mow 75-year-old's lawn to keep her out of jail
Four doctors told her it was only a cyst
Four-legged hero: Dog saves woman after car accident
Four-month-old piglet escapes slaughterhouse for a new destiny
Fourteen pictures of dogs who think they're cats
Freedom: Hedgehog liberated from prison of dried mud
Friend removes moth from man's ear
Friends: Diver visits the same fish every day for 30 years
Friendship with a wolf inspired an entire town
Frightening: Little girl suffered heatstroke symptoms during nap
Funny ad for the healing power of nature is a breath of fresh air
Funny product notes that catch customer attention
Funny reaction to first boy on mom's side of the family in 50 years
Funny video: Bridegroom indulges in spectacular prank at his wedding
Funny video: Chicken gets comfortable on horse's head
Funny video: Mother slides out of room so as not to wake baby
Funny video: Toddler twins sneak out of bed at night, again and again
Funny: 16 animals helping each other in a pickle
Funny: 17 pics of hilariously mismatched couples
Funny: 18 online products that looked way different in reality
Funny: Father looks on in horror during childbirth
Funny: Husband documents forced shopping trip at IKEA with wife
Funny: Mom confesses embarrassing fart story from her yoga class
Funny: Mother buys new pillows but misses an important detail
Funny: Woman panics in shower about what she thinks is a spider
Generous family saves two little kids they found on a trash heap
Generous hairdresser rescues depressed teen's matted hair
Generous: Man buys street vendor's entire stock
Ghastly surprise! Three hundred year old mummy suddenly opens its eyes
Giant human chain saves 10 people from drowning
Girl born without a face celebrates her ninth birthday
Girl gets assaulted on the bus because of her shorts
Girl gets through tough childhood by depicting her life in art
Girl held captive: The terrifying story of Blanche Monnier
Girl is cured of disease by a huge fall
Girl left with burns all over her face due to dangerous prank
Girl who bullied classmate is taught an important lesson
Girl with a rare condition awaits a life-saving operation
Girl with amputated leg is eager to become a cheerleader
Girl with brain damage recovers after her sister tickles her
Girl with facial deformity becomes victim of bullying
Girl with skin condition embraces her uniqueness
Girl with tiny limbs has to live in a washtub
Girl with unusual form of dwarfism outwits death three times
Girl's face reconstructed after raccoon attack
Given abortion pills after a miscarriage, doctors couldn't believe it
Good deed: Generous man pays for a teacher's supplies in Walmart
Goose with severe injuries gets world’s first prosthetic beak