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Disabled kitty offers sick animals comfort
Discover the curious and minty fresh art of Cristiam Ramos
Disfigured by acid attack, woman regains hope after finding love
Disgusting video: Blackhead turns out to be something very different
Disgusting video: Dead fish comes back to life in kitchen
Disgusting video: Doctor pops a cyst near patient's eye
Disgusting video: Doctor removes infected blackhead
Disgusting video: Friends help man to get rid of a giant zit
Disgusting video: Man tries to squeeze pimple out of his nose
Disgusting video: Massive sebaceous cyst squeezed out of man's scalp
Disgusting video: Wife squeezes massive pimple out of husband's back
Disgusting video: Woman gets cyst removed from her wrist
Disgusting! 34-year-old finds strange creature in coconut drink
Distraught father who lost his daughter reveals her tragic ending
Distraught mother shows photos of 14-week-old stillborn
Distraught mother warns of the dangers of binge drinking
Disturbing discovery: vet finds ladybug colony in dog's mouth
Disturbing video emerges of 13-year-old being forced to do the splits
Divorced and partly paralyzed, after a stroke she found love
Doctor helps young mother to overcome other people's judgment
Doctor saves baby that had enveloped its own twin brother
Doctor volunteers to offer low-income family free surgery
Doctors finally relent and allow dying woman's dog to visit her
Doctors remove massive hairball from 10-year-old girl's stomach
Doctors remove tumor from baby while it's still in the womb
Doctors stunned as woman delivers 13-pound baby
Dog "plays dead" to avoid going home
Dog battles cancer with daily walks
Dog can smile again after facial surgery
Dog destined to be put to sleep ends up saving lives
Dog dies suddenly after playing at the lake
Dog found stuck in a tar barrel undergoes incredible transformation
Dog freaks out and ends up finding an abandoned child
Dog in Bali is given a second chance
Dog is killed saving owner from a lightning strike
Dog makes up best excuse for not wanting to go to bed
Dog photos that depict wonderful and eternal friendships
Dog remarkably saves newborn after it was buried alive
Dog rescues young baby by barking at just the right moment
Dog soaked with glue rescued just in time
Dog utters the word "mama" better than the toddler to get some food
Dog with 12 lb. tumor given a new lease on life
Dog with holes in its neck defeats death with the help of her rescuer
Dog, whose mouth was taped shut, recovers and finds loving home
Dogs and cats, living together... always good for a laugh!
Dogs ruining photos in the most hilarious way possible
Doll house of horrors: Russian lived with 29 mummified bodies
Donkey intended for dinner makes friends with wolf
Dramatic video: Panicky seal saves itself from orcas with a bold move
Dramatic: Premature baby wrapped in plastic wrap after birth
Drowned kitten brought back to life by mouth-to-mouth resuscitation
Dying 24-year-old shares end-of-life perspective he gained too soon
Dying boy donates kidney to his mother
Dying child offers moving words to mom with last breath
Dying man enjoys last cigarette and a glass of wine
Dying music teacher receives a very special gift from a former student
Dying woman's tender farewell from her horse has everyone in tears
Eek! Bird gives picnic goers a creepy surprise!
Eight reasons to let your dog lick your face
Eight-month-old girl weighs as much as a four-year old kid
Eight-year-old with bone cancer has arm bone implanted in her leg
Eighteen-year-old artist draws her life with schizophrenia
Elderly couple dies holding hands
Elderly couple dons old wedding garb for their 50th anniversary
Elephant is freed after years of wasting away in slavery
Eleven-year-old takes care of brothers after parents abandon them
Elizabeth Báthory: The cruelest countess in history
Emaciated dog suffering on the streets is rescued by two angels
Embalmed two-year-old girl in crypt opens her eyes, shocking visitors
Emerging from a party, he looked up in the sky and saw this...
Emotional video: Grandpa finds out his granddaughter is having twins
English woman in Africa is handed a baby and decides to adopt it
Entire student body performs an emotional tribute at teacher's funeral
Ethiopian woman wears massive eight-inch lip disc
Every year when the snow falls... Japan gets extra creative
Everybody's laughing: The world's most embarrassing childhood photos
Everything yellow: Car convoy supports bullied 84-year-old
Eye-catcher: These "unique" hairstyles are screaming for attention
Eye-opening "secret camera" video shows how easily a child is abducted
Facing skin cancer, a young mother warns of the risks of tanning beds
Family adopts seven-year-old boy who was dying of malnutrition
Family all wears helmets in solidarity with baby who has plagiocephaly
Family dog is left abandoned on the side of the road
Family dog rescues baby by quickly alerting parents
Family dog saves baby from abusive babysitter
Family dog saves drowned little boy
Family goes all-organic for two weeks
Family loses son to leukemia after only 165 days
Family of girl with rare growth irregularity faces tough challenges
Family of Russian hermits discovered in wilderness after 40 years
Family photo includes twins that passed away as infants
Family surprises nurse who took care of their premature baby
Family takes hilarious Christmas photos every year
Family writes funny obituary for a very unique woman
Famous 1,000-year-old tree destroyed by devastating storm
Famous black and white photos brought to life by color
Fan warns swimmer about dangerous mole on his chest
Fantastic photos taken one second before disaster
Farmer rescues horse in 12-hour ordeal
Fascinating video shows birth by natural C-section