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Child falls into gorilla enclosure and meets a hairy heroine
Child recovering after doctors pulled a paintbrush out of her head
Child suffering from rare illness can't stop gaining weight
Child survives bite from one of the world's most poisonous spiders
Child unwittingly filmed while having fun in the middle of the night
Child with two faces turns 13 years old
Childhood sweethearts marry despite life-altering accident
Childhood sweethearts unwittingly reunited after 30 years
Children are asked to define love
Children in the wedding party... what could go wrong?
Children in the wedding? Get ready for chaos!
Chilean woman denounces popstar boyfriend for assault
Chilling video: Woman disguised as witch tortures granddaughter
Chills: Judge on The Voice is visibly moved by young man's talent
Chinese mother sends baby in parcel to orphanage
Chiropractor heals baby with colic using controversial move
Choir of two: baby and maltese pup take turns howling
Choreographers from Urban Dance Camp spread joy through movement
Chronically ill five-year-old dies in Santa's arms
Circus elephant lashes out after years of abusive treatment
Circus lion, imprisoned for 13 years, finally set free
City passes law to make sure pet stores only sell rescued dogs
Clever horse figures out how to rock baby in carrier
Client thanks manicurist for alerting her to serious condition
Comedian Patton Oswalt comes to terms with his wife's death
Compassion in the air: Father helps complete stranger on a plane
Completely bizarre: 44-year-old Norwegian gets his testicles stuck in a stool
Construction workers discover a huge anaconda on a worksite in Brazil
Contemporary surrealist captures the beauty and ferocity of nature
Controversial picture showing how menstruation is seen as "gross"
Controversial video: Mother has her baby's ears pierced
Convict determined to fight autism, trains dog to help little boy
Cop pulls woman over for a broken headlight and then fixes it for her!
Cosmetic surgery almost killed this model
Couple adopting 12-year-old ends up adopting all his siblings too
Couple adopts eight boys in eleven years all from the same mother
Couple adopts kitten with a rare genetic condition
Couple buys a piece of rainforest and transforms it into a paradise
Couple decides to keep baby although he won’t survive long after birth
Couple dies together after 69 years of marriage
Couple fall victim to thief while taking vacation photos
Couple finds cans full of gold coins on property
Couple has quadruplets after successful IVF treatment
Couple have twins after losing two sons in tragic accident
Couple in their 60s lauded for adorable matching outfits
Couple leaves $100 tip after terrible service
Couple loses half their bodyweight in only one year
Couple photographed every season until it was no longer possible
Couple struggling to get pregnant ends up with five babies
Couple who meet at the gym lose a combined 545 lbs
Courageous: Yoga teacher poses with menstruation blood on her pants
Court decision will remove terminally ill baby from life support
Cow set free from stall is so scared it starts to cry
Cows protect orphan baby seal in field
Crafty (or Krafty?): Man insults wife, finds her revenge in sandwich
Crazy video: Man goes skinny dipping in Trevi Fountain
Crazy: Woman quit job so she can breastfeed boyfriend every two hours
Creative gift: Three brothers recreate pictures from their childhood
Creative: Australian surprises girlfriend with unique necklace
Creative: Top contenders in 2017 World Beard and Mustache Championship
Creepy man hacks baby monitor, yells at sleeping baby
Creepy underwater short film leaves viewers breathless
Crib that was banned in the US causes baby's death in the UK
Cross-dressing single mom accompanies her son to school fathers' event
Curiosities: The oldest household objects in the world
Curious: Pornographic furniture collection leaves researchers blushing
Customers to be served by robots in London's first blowjob café
Cute cats captured at strange moments by their owners
Cute critters: Photos show just how adorable rats can be
Cute video: Policemen lip sync Grease song while on patrol
Cute video: This adorable cockatoo has a lot to say to his owner!
Cute: Baby wakes up the pit bull with kisses!
Cute: How children's antics brighten up our lives
Cyclists help cow give birth
Dad creates a paradise for his daughter's room
Dad finds alarming letter in his teen son's room, but there's a catch
Dad videos their unborn baby moving in the womb. What happens at 00:29 will freak you out!
Dad warns parents of product use by dates after daughter almost dies
Dangerous fashion: Too-tight jeans nearly kill a 52-year-old woman
Dangerous internet trend causes terrible burns and nerve damage
Daring river rescue of a German Shepherd
Daughter films parents overdosing live on Facebook
Daughter receives a mysterious white rose each year from her mom
Death by selfie: The dangerous truth about extreme selfies
Decade after suicide attempt, man receives face transplant
Deceased dog sends his owner a message from beyond!
Defective pressure cooker scalds a couple with hot soup
Deformed puppy defies stats by staying alive well past three years
Depressed grandmother gets radical makeover thanks to granddaughter
Depressed Labrador in pound finds a new home
Design flaw: Girl creates most disgusting dress in the world
Designer purse leads a 29-year-old to make a terrible discovery
Designers who should've taken a little more care with their creations
Desperate mother discovers that her son's eczema cream was causing it
Despite horrifying torture, this dog didn't lose her vitality
Determined woman rescues neighbor from neglect
Diagnosed with skin cancer at 21, a young mom warns about tanning beds
Different at birth: This little girl's mother wants to talk to you
Disabled couple fights for custody of their own son
Disabled groom walks for the first time for his wife-to-be