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Baby cracks up while playing with new toy
Baby develops severe herpes after catching infection from a kiss
Baby dies after being electrocuted by cell phone charger
Baby goat whose horns got burned off recovers in style
Baby has a fit every time a book ends
Baby has to fight for his life at just five months
Baby left in abandoned house grows up into talented beauty queen
Baby love: Crying toddler cheers up at the sight of her baby sister
Baby miraculously born healthy despite abdominal cavity pregnancy
Baby returns to life after being stillborn
Baby twins' tender hug has a tragic ending
Baby undergoes surgery while still in the womb
Baby whale returns home after help from more than 300 people
Backlash against mother who breastfed a stranger's child
Barbaric! Animal rights group brings horse abuser to justice
Be careful when taking a selfie!
Bears fed only with beer and stale bread crusts finally released
Beautiful singing voice of a 17-year-old girl
Beautiful video: Baby's reaction to first shampoo will melt your heart
Beautifully poignant animated video tells story of a mother's love
Because a neighbor thinks it's dangerous, his dog has to go
Because of handicap, artist created masterpieces — with typewriter!
Before and after: 17 women who managed to lose weight so successfully!
Best friends learn that they have the same sperm donor father
Best friends: Young woman rescues sick homeless man from the street
Beware: Poison! English duchess plants the world's most deadly garden
Biblical plague? Blood red river alarms Russian villagers
Big-hearted teacher saves the life of her pupil's father
Bikers bought all bikes in the store and gave them to kids as presents
Birth photographers document babies' entry into the world
Bizarre foods that will most certainly remind you of something else
Bizarre selfies that went completely wrong
Blogger with a facial tumor becomes a star on YouTube
Blogger writes post from the perspective of an upset baby
Body art: Colorfully tattooed people with and without clothing
Body of Buddhist monk found inside statue
Body painting artist and photographer blend people into nature
Bomb squad dog suffers terrible injuries after saving the lives of her unit
Boss reacts surprisingly to employee's mental issues
Boss surprises pregnant mom with generous offer
Boy comes back to life and tells mom he met her other kids in heaven
Boy creates device that will prevent babies from dying in the heat
Boy drowned — hours after playing at the pool
Boy dying of cancer gets final wish to blow things up!
Boy from world-famous internet meme saves his dad
Boy goes without a haircut for two years to help other children
Boy grows tail during puberty
Boy leaves message on teddy bear and gets a surprise
Boy loses his mother and sister because of a drunk driver
Boy makes one false move and enters world of pain. Who will save him?
Boy needs 30 stitches when a fidget spinner explodes in his face
Boy rescues five-year-old girl who was buried alive!
Boy saves mother's life by delivering baby brother
Boy with severe brain damage shows unprecedented growth
Boyfriend put up humorous ad about girlfriend after tough ultimatum
Brain dead mother kept alive for 123 days until twins were born
Brave 20-year-old decides to go bikini bare... ostomy bag and all!
Brave couple defends their choice to have a baby with a rare disorder
Brave custodian of orphanage fights off thugs protecting the children
Brave pit bull rescues little girl
Brave rescuers save the life of a humpback whale
Brave: 12-year-old writes letter to her little sister's bullies
Brave: Doctors save Jews from certain death with a brilliant lie
Breast cancer survivor undresses on Facebook and reveals all
Bride-to-be undergoes seven-hour long transformation before wedding
British artist paints 3,200 naked people blue for a photo
British schoolgirl suffers third degree burns from poisonous weed
Brutal attack: Woman bitten 21 times by raging ex-boyfriend
Brutal: Man gets dog back from vacation care severely mistreated
Brutal: Retriever narrowly escapes death by corrosive acid
Bull who ate trash on the streets has to be operated on
Bull who ate trash on the streets has to be operated on
Burglars return to poison brave dog that scared them off
Burn survivor inspires many by wearing scars with pride
Burn victim heals thanks to fish scales
Burn victim shows her scarred pregnant belly
Burns survivor helps children who suffered same fate
California sea lion cozies up to a pair of sailors in this rare video
Cambodian boy has a pet python — and he sleeps with it!
Cambodian man with tumors in his gums receives life-changing surgery
Camp leader killed school children for over 20 years
Campaign to raise awareness and efforts against domestic violence
Can you solve this camping puzzle?
Car seat didn't stop this child from being seriously hurt in a crash
Caring: Woman comforts autistic boy on airplane
Carl Taenzler slept next to this dead girl for seven years
Cashier buys a homeless man a meal and receives a nice tip
Cat adopts baby: A real-life fairy tale from the Russian winter
Cat jumps like a kangaroo after losing front legs and tail
Cat makes owner aware of tumor in her shoulder
Cat pictures from Snapchat that will definitely make you laugh
Cat stays faithful to her owner — even after death
Catastrophe: Lion attacks trainer during circus performance
Catch a glimpse into the past with these 38 rare historical photos
Celiac disease patient shares her experience
Cheating boyfriend receives 'break-up game' from girlfriend
Chelsea Football Club signs first player for 2030
Chernobyl victim grows up to be Paralympic athlete
Child bodybuilder grows up and defines his life anew
Child entered into Guinness Book of World Records as a bodybuilder