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A young woman wins her battle with anorexia
Abandoned and starving dog makes an unbelievable recovery
Abandoned dog found with its legs and snout tied
Abandoned dog with dreadlocked fur enjoys remarkable transformation
Abandoned dog with hideous wounds on its face is rescued
Abandoned dog's hair was so matted, its leg got stuck to its ear
Abuse? Russian tattooist under fire for nonconsensual art... on a cat
Abused dog as thin as spaghetti finds a new home
Abused quadruplets grow into happy and successful young women
Abused woman is beaten by her partner and publishes photos of her face
Activists save 1,300 dogs from being slaughtered and eaten in China
Adopted little girl gets amazing Christmas gift: her twin
Adopted teen sings poignant song for his biological mother
Adorable video: Baby twins have a special way of communicating
Adorable: First grade teacher lets students decorate her dress
Adventurous reporter goes undercover in mental asylum
After 20 years of marriage, a jilted wife has the last laugh
After 85 years of marriage, they're still madly in love
After a body-shaming incident, a humble man became the toast of LA
After being rear-ended, this man shows grace and love — not anger
After being stabbed with a screwdriver, this turtle didn't give up
After days of hearing strange sound under pavement, man decides to act
After dramatic childbirth, overweight mother becomes dieting paragon
After getting cheated on, this woman transformed into a bombshell
After giving up drugs these people became unrecognizable
After losing their baby, these parents used an unusual coping method
After losing two children in earthquake, mother risks all for another
After nine years, a couple confirms which star was their benefactor
After nine years, they discover the secret to a strong marriage
After terminal cancer diagnosis, young mother prepares for the future
After the breakup her ex-boyfriend bit her nose off!
After the tragic loss of their baby, a brave couple advocates safety
Against the odds, mother gives birth to quintuplets
Agonizing moment: Massive bug gets removed from kitten’s nose
Airport security check reveals huge dildo collection
Alarming: Teenager has extreme allergic reaction to hair dye
All aboard for the house showing that takes place on a roller coaster!
Almost human: Woman raises gorilla just as if it were her own child
Amazing discovery: Possible alien fossil found in Peru
Amazing news: Giant pandas are no longer endangered!
Amazing rescue: Dog found after 9 days of being buried in the rubble!
Amazing video: Orca pops up to say hi to a kayaker!
Amazing X-rays show animals in a whole new light
American girl builds a well in Uganda and saves lives
American woman used to have the longest fingernails in the world
An abandoned baby's life is saved by an incredible dog
An abandoned dog in a plastic bag gets rescued
An act of kindness: Man goes above and beyond for a homeless person
An athlete suffers from a post-pregnancy condition
An Australian victim of the Nice attacks sees her savior again
An Ecuadorian woman speaks on behalf of the Amazon rainforest
An elephant is rescued after being shot by a poacher
An error in judgment forces a couple to rethink their prejudice
An extraordinary portrayal of people affected by rare diseases
An innocent casualty of war slowly comes back to life
An obese man gets challenged by people he trolled online
An obese woman loses 130 lbs — and gets revenge on her ex-husband
An obese woman loses a staggering 455lbs in two years
An old man finds his lost photo album thanks to Facebook
An older man plays a posthumous "joke" on his much younger wife
An orphan missing a hand had lost hope, but he would soon find love
Anatomically correct baby doll shocks unsuspecting parents
Anecdotal evidence: Kids say the darndest things!
Animal activists give a bull his freedom and his joy is infectious
Animal lover who saved a dying dog writes an open letter to her owner
Animal protection organization rescues matted dog
Animal protection organization rescues matted dog
Animal rescue: Dog with terrible mange receives a second chance
Animal rescuer saves dog in the middle of the freeway
Anonymous boy kindly helps boy in wheelchair at museum
Anti-bullying video has an important message
April Fool's prank teaches professor a hard lesson
Artist creates live painting of a woman's life
Artist focuses on the bond between father and daughter
Artist photoshops herself into old photos
As many women opt for a home birth, see what it's like before deciding
As these sisters grew older their relationship grew stronger
Astonishing: Man with two penises describes his sex life
At 21 she endured a brutal gang rape but they didn't defeat her spirit
At 64, thanks to the internet, she found out she had a sister
At first he sits calmly. As he stands up, chills run down my spine.
At this Japanese restaurant all the servers have dementia
Athlete with broken back finds true love
Audience goes wild at precocious little girl's recital — she's a star!
Australian artist creates provocative performance piece
Australian mother almost lost her child because of a shopping cart
Australian mother speaks out about being happy with your own body
Australian woman hilariously recreates celebrity photos
Autistic artist briefly looks at cityscape and replicates it from memory
Auto mechanic dedicates song to deceased best friend
Awesome babysitter dresses up as mermaid for her three-year-old charge
Awesome: Old man's souped-up walker helps him glide through town!
Babies do the darndest things!
Baby born with avocado-sized hole in her head
Baby born without gallbladder gets liver donation that saves its life
Baby born without hands and abandoned at birth now happy with family
Baby boy born with rare skin disorder receives implant treatment
Baby boy dies because he was not properly fastened in his car seat
Baby boy finds a new home after being nearly burned alive
Baby boy found in trash bag is given a second chance