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Woman with unusual skin disease becomes a model
Woman's children save her from violent ex-husband
Wonderful gesture: Woman pays check for 25 firefighters
Wonderful video: Octopus thanks its rescuer
"World's Most Beautiful Horse" looks like it's coated with gold
Wow! 350-pound woman loses half her weight in a year
Wow! Doctor turns baby around in the womb with his bare hands
Wow! Renters find 70-year-old secret hiding place in their attic
Wow! Teenagers offer hotel guests a special treat for their ears
Wow! These must be the most extreme toenails in the world
Xena the warrior puppy brings sparkle to a young autistic boy's life
You'll know right away which of these twins smokes and which doesn't
Young amputee trains hard to become paralympic athlete and role model
Young Argentineans find dog covered in tar
Young boy wakes up paralyzed after being bitten by tick
Young cancer patient finds two unlikely friends at a construction site
Young couple lose weight together before wedding day
Young Englishwoman wants to be known as the British Barbie
Young ex-convict can't find a job because of facial tattoo
Young garbage truck fan loses it when he meets his heroes face-to-face
Young girl builds home for man in need
Young girl ends up in hospital after taking ibuprofen
Young girl followed instructions to become a fairy and got badly burnt
Young girl impresses talent show with heavenly voice
Young girl meets mermaid in Scotland
Young girl with severe genetic defect born into loving family
Young hero: 16-year-old saves little sister from burning house
Young make-up artist transforming the faces of women
Young man from Argentina spends $30,000 to turn himself into an elf.
Young man from Marbella becomes a hero for his fight against leukemia
Young man proposes to his girlfriend with tattoo
Young man with neurological disease fights to stay alive
Young man with SMA is happy just the way he is
Young man's generous, life-sharing decision softens his family's pain
Young mom gives suicidal homeless man hope
Young mother reveals what motherhood really means
Young pastor abducted and gang-raped on wedding day
Young victim of domestic violence posts photos to give others courage
Young woman dies from water intoxication after taking ecstasy
Young woman dies in horrible accident during photo shoot
Young woman finds rescuer 20 years later and thanks him
Young woman gives birth alone in the forest
Young woman has strange disease that converts her muscles into bone
Young woman has three-inch leech removed from her nose
Young woman living a full life despite the loss of her legs
Young woman loses fingertips after suicide attempt
Young woman misses flight to help fellow passenger in distress
Young woman sparks controversy with pics of underarm hair
Young woman speaks out after being made fun of in a meme
Young woman survives cancer by replacing her knee with her ankle
Young woman uses Instagram to overcome anorexia
Young woman with epilepsy reminds us: don't pet her dog, he's working!
Yuck! Doctor squeezes cyst on man's back until it explodes
Yuck! Teenager removes huge blackhead from friend's back
Yuck! Video shows doctor removing giant zit from man's backside
Zebra pushes lion under water until she lets go of him