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When a couple signed up to adopt, surprises good and bad awaited them
When a man and his loyal companion are parted, there's a silver lining
When a mother hurt his feelings, this biker told her who he really was
When a nice old couple gets bored, they get up to no good... so funny!
When her son bullies the new girl, this mom is on her side — and how!
When his 13-year-old daughter died, this father discovered her secret
When his wife lost her sight, a loving husband overwhelms her flowers
When kids kill kids: The story of Mary Bell
When mom's away, dad and the kids will play!
When the kids forgot their thank yous, their mom took action
When we grow older, simple things like friendship are essential
White couple describes their experience of having black children
Whole world torn as gorilla is shot after child falls into enclosure
Why Ed Gein became the subject of horror films
Widow opens up her home to homeless father and son
Widower honors his wife's memory by recreating their photos
Wife takes incredible care of husband, gets a surprising thank you!
Wild horse freed from iron chain embedded in its flesh
With a caul: Photos of babies born while still inside the amniotic sac
With nude pics, 56-year-old proves that beauty isn't a matter of age
With tears overflowing, this mother tries to reattach her child’s decapitated head. That is the most important consequence.
Woman adopts two Indian girls and is invited on a TV show
Woman attacked with acid is now an inspiration for millions
Woman bathes in coconut oil and gets stuck in the tub
Woman born with four legs becomes famous and starts her own family
Woman carries baby for her sister who can't get pregnant
Woman carries baby to term just to hold her for a few hours
Woman dies posting selfie on Facebook while driving
Woman discovers huge bee's nest in her living room ceiling
Woman dubbed the "Half-ton Killer" undergoes a dramatic transformation
Woman finds living coyote trapped in her car's grille
Woman finds something very unappetizing in her take-out chicken
Woman gains then loses 70 lbs after tragic death of her obese husband
Woman gets complaint from neighbor for hanging laundry outside
Woman gets surprise of her life at innocent dinner out with boyfriend
Woman gives birth in 10 seconds, still in the hospital doorway!
Woman gives birth to twins with different skin colors
Woman gives birth to two sets of twins
Woman gives herself a 13-inch waist to please her husband
Woman goes into coma and wakes up without hands, legs and nose
Woman guided to dead sister's cellphone in dream
Woman has 40% of her body burned and still manages to survive!
Woman has a C-section and shares her experience with the world
Woman has a tumor in her torso so large it looks like she's pregnant
Woman has horrible reaction to henna tattoo
Woman helps the man who shot her get out of prison
Woman HIV positive after boyfriend tells her not to use protection
Woman in fertility treatment becomes pregnant with quintuplets
Woman is publicly shamed for breastfeeding her son
Woman lied to boyfriend about being pregnant with quintuplets
Woman live-streams giving birth ...in the woods, without a doctor
Woman loses tons of weight — her pic of excess skin is most inspiring
Woman makes radical change after discovering fiancé cheated on her
Woman makes waves online by parodying the stars
Woman nearly killed by husband becomes spokesperson for abused women
Woman performs first-aid on her nephew in the middle of traffic!
Woman pregnant with twins gives birth to quadruplets
Woman pretends to be a man so she can work in the mines in Tanzania
Woman quits job and starts second career running baby goat sanctuary
Woman remembers the last day with her dog in photos
Woman reunites with nurse who cared for her as an infant
Woman saves giant spider and keeps it as a pet
Woman saves her sister's life by sharing the effects of aspartame
Woman sentenced to unusual punishment for neglecting her dog
Woman shows off her yoga skills at the beach
Woman shrinks her waist size from 26 inches to 15 inches over 35 years
Woman spends more than $58,000 to look like her daughter
Woman starts new exercise routine and documents her transformation
Woman steals ring from corpse, but it’s not what she thinks
Woman suffers facial burns after trying to blow out scented candle
Woman survives after being bitten 40 times by a dog
Woman taken off life support suddenly begins to speak
Woman takes a very strange-looking creature under her wing
Woman takes pregnancy photos with over 20,000 honey bees
Woman threatens to kill her son if the father doesn’t answer his phone
Woman thrown out of gym — because her breasts were too exposed?
Woman told to leave pool because of "inappropriate" bathing suit
Woman turns out to be organ match for her stepfather, saving his life
Woman undergoes cancer surgery while pregnant
Woman undergoes cosmetic surgery to become "Exotic Barbie"
Woman undergoes surgery to make her eyes look normal again
Woman undergoes surgery to remove a gigantic 73-pound cyst
Woman uses photo of someone else’s dead child to make money
Woman uses semen from dead son to conceive a grandchild
Woman uses two photos to reveal how our perception of beauty works
Woman waits to accept proposal until she feels great about her body
Woman wakes up after life support machine is switched off
Woman who eats plates of beans finds herself in an awkward and stinky situation
Woman who lost a great deal of weight reveals all in pics on Facebook
Woman who suffered 17 miscarriages suddenly becomes mother of four!
Woman with 70 inch hips proves doubters wrong on video
Woman with dangerous vein disorder receives life-changing surgery
Woman with Downs finds her calling after an office skills workshop
Woman with no stomach lives without eating for six years
Woman with psoriasis shows off her skin to promote acceptance
Woman with rare disease makes shocking transformation
Woman with rare skin condition beats the odds to become a model
Woman with rare skin condition gets the gift of a new nose
Woman with serious genetic disorder gives birth to healthy baby boy
Woman with skin disease shows that beauty is not only skin deep