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Video reveals abuse — and then rescue — of elephants in Thailand
Video shows how much animals suffer at the hands of humans
Video: 14-year-old blows everyone away on "Australia's Got Talent"
Video: 17-year-old Australian adoptee gives moving X-Factor performance
Video: After being harassed on the street, bicyclist gets revenge
Video: After seeing this ad you'll never text and drive again
Video: Anesthesiologists start their own barber shop quintet
Video: Berlin pays tribute to victims of Christmas market attack
Video: Best wedding speech ever
Video: Brave 14-year-old asks professional dancer for a dance
Video: Bride puts a magic spell on her groom
Video: British man's X Factor audition brings the audience to tears
Video: Buried girl, just six hours old, rescued in India
Video: Cheetah approaches napping man, curls up next to him
Video: Comedian pranks his aunt with fake ultrasound
Video: Couple poses with dead lion and experiences a nasty surprise
Video: Creepy discoveries at a forgotten undertaker's
Video: Cyst removal
Video: Doctor hides ring under his skin for unusual proposal
Video: Doctor removes massive amount of wax from patient's ear
Video: Doctors operate on an infected anti-wrinkle injection
Video: Doctors remove something revolting from this man's face
Video: Dogs and babies playing together!
Video: Elderly woman bullied by seventh grade boys
Video: Family dog takes care of new baby
Video: Family dog takes care of new baby
Video: Father and daughter share special dance
Video: Father-of-the-bride gives his daughter an unforgettable memory
Video: Fearless man saves shark from its suffering
Video: Five-year-old girl makes 911 call
Video: Goat with unusual face born in Indian village
Video: Hairdresser cuts away teenager's cyst with razor blade
Video: Hamster’s tooth clipping turns into a magic act
Video: How a mother trains her dog to protect her son from violence
Video: Husband captures wife's pregnancy in 90 seconds
Video: Indonesians puzzle over a peculiar creature in the forest
Video: Kitty thinks its owner is drowning in the bathtub
Video: Lice crawl all over her head and she doesn't seem to care
Video: Little boy steals toys in the night
Video: Little boy visits his manta ray friend
Video: Little grandma loses her balance and falls into crib
Video: Living clam goes for a "walk" on the kitchen table
Video: Man films bizarre muscle cramp in his calf
Video: Man finds strange creature washed up on beach
Video: Man gets revenge on kid who hit him with a shopping cart
Video: Man removes bullet from his own arm
Video: Man removes large navel stone with tweezers
Video: Man takes two parking spaces and gets his just deserts
Video: Mother thinks she sees ghosts hovering over her sleeping baby
Video: NFL player visits bullied kid
Video: Orangutan shows heartwarming reaction to burn victim
Video: Passerby surprises street musician with her phenomenal singing
Video: Passers-by ignore freezing boy
Video: Police called about noisy kids and end up joining in the fun
Video: Police officer helps dog stuck in a fence
Video: School bully tries to sucker-punch the wrong kid
Video: Seven-year old hits the dance floor and steals the show
Video: So creative how dad manages to make pureed vegetables tasty
Video: Son plays joke on parents who think he's gay
Video: Superzoom lens shows disgusting closeups of squeezed blackheads
Video: the effects of everyday discrimination
Video: There's a reason karaoke puts you in a good mood
Video: Trapped seven-year-old rescued from washing machine
Video: Two dogs huddle on the tracks as the train races toward them
Video: Two guys play hilarious prank on their coworkers!
Video: What to do when your dog loves the tub
Video: Wife squeezes four-year-old pimple out of husband's face
Video: Woman has blackheads removed from inside her ear
Video: Woman touches shark tank and gets a big surprise!
Video: Woman with Down syndrome speaks out
Video: Young man dances with sick grandmother
Video: Young woman squeezes something very surprising out of her leg
Vietnamese father honors aborted babies and rescues hundreds
Vietnamese monk shocks the whole world in protest
Viewer saves reality TV star's life
Villagers kill a harmless animal by confusing it with El Cadejo
Volunteers remove five lbs of hair from a neglected pet
Waiter gets a $500 tip for a good deed he did the day before!
Waitress buys breakfast for two firefighters
Waitress receives astonishing inheritance from grumpy customer
Warm-hearted nurse helps makes a little girl's dream come true
Warning, dramatic pictures: Indian baby with terrible skin condition
Warning: Disturbing images. Baby survives with a rare birth defect.
Warning: Harrowing video shows two young men's final moments
Warning: Harrowing video shows two young men's final moments
Warning: Laugh attack will ensue! When parents first use a smartphone
Warning: Removal of tampon from man's nose leaves everyone in shock!
We all know the "Ice Bucket Challenge," but how well do you know ALS?
Wedding dresses switched at cleaners returned to owners after 30 years
Weird creature washes up on Texas beach after hurricane
Weird fish: Fishermen pull in scary catch
Weird photos that show a very different side of history
Weird video: Snake coughs up another (living) snake
Weird: Man spends $50,000 on surgery to transform into an alien
What a snapshot: Snorkeler swims with a humpback whale
What do coin towers give you? Focus, balance... and better health!
What makes you happy?
What this cat did to a sick baby will melt your heart
What to do (or perhaps not to do) when the school bully is your child
What would a perfect world look like?