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This tattoo artist changes one special customer's body art every week
This woman collects silicone babies to replace her deceased son
This woman covers her boyfriend's car in unbelievable artistry
This woman received a letter from the supermarket. She was shocked by what it said.
This woman writes an indignant letter to a maxi pad manufacturer
This woman's radical change has inspired thousands of others
This young man has something massive inside of him
This young plane crash survivor turned up on a Kentucky man's doorstep
Three tiger cubs are found in a box infested with larvae
Three years after being shaken by father, the girl's still recovering
Three-month-old baby experiences a fit of laughter!
Three-year-old bullied for his "ginger" hair
Three-year-old receives life-saving operation to remove tumor
Tick-infested dog rescued, cleaned up, and adopted
Tired of office thieves, woman swaps her creamer for breast milk!
To "win" this macabre game, you have to commit suicide
To escape the desert, a man built a motorbike from his broken-down car
To save her children from a tornado, this mother gave up her legs
Toddler almost strangles himself in window blind cord
Toddler almost strangles himself in window blind cord
Toddler dies three days after Christmas after swallowing a cell battery
Too cute to be true: 21 adorable hippo babies
Too cute: Little girl sings ABCs at the top of her lungs!
Too funny: Bride can't stop laughing during the vows!
Too funny: Woman has a dance party while parking her car!
Too young? Mother dyes her two-year-old daughter's hair pink
Total transformation: 35 pounds of fur sheared off rescued dog
Touching photos of a child's battle against cancer
Touching short film: The Fork
Touching video: Gravely ill street dog finds a new home
Touching video: Son sings with his elderly father in the car
Touching words: Hairdresser publicly thanks nurse for her hard work
Touching: Dog pays final respects at dead owner's funeral
Touching: Dog takes loving care of boy suffering with fever
Touching: Man smuggles dog into hospital to visit dying wife
Touching: Woman writes thank-you letter to her strict mother
Tourist finds dog with a broken back and takes it home
Tourist lost in the jungle for nine days saved in unexpected way
Town invited thousands of stranded passengers to stay after 9/11
Tragic accident after party destroys a young woman's life
Tragic accident: Four-year-old strangled by hooded sweatshirt
Tragic mistake leads to boy being born with a double face
Tragic: 24-year-old dies of flesh-eating disease after misdiagnosis
Tragic: Only two animals survived Iraqi zoo under ISIS
Tragic: Simple headache ends in 41-year-old's death.
Tragic: Woman suffers multiple strokes after sex with her husband
Transsexual man gives birth to healthy child after miscarriage agony
Trapdoor spider species has beautiful pattern on its back
Trapped miner comes to terms with eating co-worker to survive
Trapped orca cries until rescued
Triplets remarkably survive fire, burn scars and loss of parents
Truck driver saves woman and two-year-old girl from burning car
True friendship: Man squeezes pimple on his buddy's back
True history of second hand guns puts off buyers in New York City
True love: Man refuses to leave sick wife's side
Twenty people photographed in unflattering moments
Twenty strange photos that will toy with your mind
Twenty-three weird and funny gifts from grandmothers
Twenty-two selfies of people who didn't take care
Twenty-two-year-old with rare spine deformity challenges perceptions
Twin sisters develop exactly the same cancer and make full recovery
Twitter followers save clueless angler from eating poisonous fish
Two brothers choose two different paths
Two brothers suffering from genetic illness become paralyzed at night
Two captive brothers held like animals for almost 15 years
Two completely neglected dogs found in trash
Two exes reunite and raise three deaf-blind triplets together
Two puppies rescued before being dried out by the heat
Two random commuters blow crowd at train station away with rendition
Two siblings fell in love and now they're expecting a baby
Two stray dogs were best friends — finally they got adopted together!
Two young men demonstrate what sportsmanship is all about
Two-year-old receives touching gift from an elderly man
Two-year-old suffers two vicious attacks by her uncle's dog
Uh-oh: Hilarious pictures taken right before disaster strikes!
Ukrainian architect becomes first 3D pastry chef in the world
Ultra-realistic paintings of water will have you reaching for a towel
Ultraman watches over his cat buddy as a loyal guardian
Unbelievable: Parents raise child without noticing he wasn't theirs
Unborn baby survives thanks to prenatal surgery
Uncomfortable: Woman needs medics to remove sex toy
Underestimated: Single mother and her disabled son show everyone
Unidentifiable animal pulled from mud is only recognizable after bath
Unique and original street artwork
Unique: Photographer shows that everyone has their own special beauty
Unique: Triplets born in Ukraine push doctors to their limits
Unique: Ukrainian woman gives birth to quintuplets
United at the last breath: 2,800 year old skeletons discovered kissing
University student builds colorful igloo
Unlucky traveller finds some botfly larvae living in his back
Unnecessary suffering: Man lives for 15 years with 130-pound tumor
Unusual: Pool house in Singapore
Urgent plea about drunk driving from a 24-year-old who lost everything
Urgent video: seeing war from a child's point of view gives one pause
US swimming star reunited with birth mother after 20 years
Using the last of her strength a mother dog saves her puppies
Very happy donkey poses after being rescued
Victim of brutal attack becomes spokesperson for new safety technology
Victim of dairy industry: Newborn calf saved from death on roadside
Victims seek justice from Florida dentist who ran a "house of horrors"