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Sixteen-year-old singer surprised by dad on "Britain's Got Talent"
Skin disease inspired her to become most tattooed woman in the world
Sleeping beauty: Slumbering 22-year-old spends years unconscious
Small boy with hydrocephalus makes a remarkable recovery
Smallest girl in the world, sure. But she has a big personality!
Snake tried to eat porcupine. Huge mistake.
So cute: Baby can't stop laughing at his mom eating sunflower seeds!
So cute: Video shows cats that love to take baths!
So disgusting, but you still have to look: A successful pore cleansing
So nasty: He removes an enormous piece of lint from her navel
Social worker saves 11 children from horrible foster parents
Soldier's fiancée announces pregnancy with a special game
Some like it hot! Contestants compete to become "Air Sex" champion
Some nifty tricks for cleaning your oven quite effortlessly
Some patients are just not the sharpest knife in the drawer...
Some people just do whatever the heck they want...
Someone insulted their baby online but a stranger came to the rescue
Son surprises his mom with an amazing matchmaker scheme—so adorable!
South African woman remembers 10 past lives
Spanish teen overcomes bullying to accept her skin disease
Special bed gives parents more time to say farewell to dead babies
Special education teacher invited her whole class to her wedding
Special moment between a social worker and foster child captured
Special project in Seattle brings kids and senior citizens together
Special project in Seattle brings kids and senior citizens together
Special underwear gives women camel toe effect
Special words of wisdom from a dying girl to a grown woman
Spine-chilling: photo captures eerie figure behind curtain of flames
Spooky: Family claims to see grandmother's ghost in photo
St. Patrick's revellers who haven't quite reached the pot o' gold
Star of "Deadpool" writes heartfelt memorial to young fan with cancer
Star Wars star arrested after high speed chase with police
Startling discovery: 1,000 chicks abandoned to die in a field
Starving dogs are saved by police
Step into the picture: enjoy a colorful new perspective on old photos
Stillborn baby whose heart stopped beating for eight minutes is cooled down and recovers completely
Stirring ad shows the dark side of talking on the phone while driving
Stomach turning: egg-size cyst removed from arm
Strange sight: Baby's feet sticking out of uterus
Strange: 20 jobs that are hard to explain to your friends
Stranger shames "parking offender" and gets exposed on Facebook
Strangers see a teen being groomed by a pedophile — will they step in?
Stray cat surprises new owners with his fluffiness
Stray dog rescued from streets and cured of painful skin condition
Stray puppies rescued from the street can't stop cuddling each other
Street kid's kindness makes him famous
Strong: Young woman overcomes anorexia and becomes a powerhouse
Student becomes top ballerina despite leg amputation
Students find $40,000 in a couch and look for the rightful owner
Students startle homeless man by joining him — and bringing music
Students startle homeless man by joining him — and bringing music
Stunning video: home birth in the wading pool
Stunning video: uncontacted Amazon tribe's first encounter with plane
Successful surgery for a baby born with a tumor on his face
Supercute: 20 pics of badass babies!
Supergirl: The strongest girl in the world is all grown up
Supposedly clean image carries a very serious message
Surgeon stitches his patients' stuffed toys back together
Surprising, funny and dangerous: 21 extraordinary selfies
Surveillance camera shows eery footage of spirit leaving dead body
Survivor baby sees snow for first time
Survivors take drastic measures to avoid starvation after plane crash
Suzie the beagle finally finds a loving home
Swedish woman documents her return to health after battling anorexia
Sweet charmer: Pitbull beguiles owner with his smile
Sweet neighbor helps man after electric wheelchair breaks in the rain
Sweet pit bull puppy that escaped a dog fight gets some TLC
Sweet video: Stray cat and lynx become best friends
Sweet video: Two-year-old sings her own version of a kid's classic
Sweet! Nine-week-old baby has charmed the world with his thick mop of hair
Sweet: Boy gives his stepdad adoption papers as a Father's Day gift!
Sweet: Little boy says goodbye to his pacifier forever
Sweetest song: Two parrots serenade news reporter
Switched at birth: 30 years later everyone learns the truth
Take a peek inside the workshop of a master doll maker
Taking a photo to see if a child suffers from eye cancer
Taking the extra step: Father of autistic boy writes inspiring post
Taxi driver learns a valuable life lesson from an elderly woman
Teacher and student teach principal an embarrassing lesson
Teacher takes pupil under her wing and reaps a beautiful reward
Tears of joy: Survivors of earthquake meet rescuers 28 years later
Teen badly injured in car accident warns others not to text and drive
Teen escapes a horrible fate while riding a motorbike with headphones
Teen mows cop's lawn for free to thank him for his service
Teenage skateboarder teaches six-year-old girl how it's done
Teenager gives birth without having known she was pregnant
Teenager has leg amputated after suffering from ingrown toenail
Teenager kidnapped 17 years ago refuses to see her biological parents
Teenager saves a dying horse she found at the side of the road
Teenager takes selfie in car, sees something eerie in the back seat
Teenager with rare genetic disorder gets plastic surgery
Ten years after tsunami, parents found daughter they thought had died
Ten-year-old fighting rare disease that's turning her body to bone
Terminally ill 20-year-old makes final wish to "die beautiful"
Terminally-ill woman loses her husband and follows him five days later
Terrible: Man loses half his face due to rare tumors
Terribly abused dog rescued just in time
Terribly neglected girl rescued — and embraced by loving new family
Terribly neglected girl rescued — and embraced by loving new family
Terrified dog calms down after being rescued