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Record: British angler catches 8 ft, 194 lb catfish
Record: Doctors remove 232 teeth from 17-year-old's mouth
Rescue mission: Cat frozen to the ground saved by helpful couple
Rescue video: Animal rights advocates find viciously abused wolf
Rescue video: Man at the beach frees a hammerhead with a fishhook in its mouth
Rescued dog experiences amazing transformation
Rescued pit bull never leaves his new owner's side
Rescued squirrel brings special meaning to man's life
Rescuers outraged by condition of neglected pony
Research confirms that dogs actually understand what humans say
Researcher reunites with chimpanzees she helped "retire" from the lab
Researcher's hidden cameras catch amazing images at Chernobyl
Restaurant searched after gruesome photos go public
Retiring police officer shows off his moves in elevator
Revealing video: Courageous woman rescues fox during a hunt
Reverse photoshop video shows extreme transformation of a bikini model
Rich couple ridicule stressed mother only to get deserved comeuppance
Right in the heart: Single mother reveals a dark secret about her past
Romantic: California couple marry on Mount Everest
Rugby star boosts woman’s morale as she dies of cancer
Russian couple face tough challenges raising child with rare condition
Russian eco-warrior teaches Moscow's would-be litterers a harsh lesson
Russian fisherman shares photos of strange sea creatures
Russian girl sleeps for weeks without eating or drinking
Sad and inspiring: The life of the "World's Ugliest Woman"
Sad but beautiful: Dying couple holds hands until the end
Sad story: Injured soldier returns home but not to his family
Sad video: Cat tries to wake up its dead friend
Saving crayons from the landfill to bring smiles to those who need one
Scalped dog found in abandoned house and rescued
Scandalous! Doctor rubs his genitals on a sleeping woman's face
Scary questions that people are actually Googling
Scary video warns of dangers of meeting strangers on social networks
School blamed girl who was maliciously bullied for her situation
Schoolchildren play a special game to learn about hate
Scientifically proven: Living with cats is healthy
Second chance: Mother abandons baby and then wants it back
Secret camera footage captures real reactions to a child in danger
Secret millionaire donates his entire fortune
Secret of girl who died 140 years ago finally revealed
Security camera footage records attack... and its satisfying aftermath
Security camera tapes nursing assistant hitting old man
Security guard rescues five-day-old baby from plastic bag
Security video captures woman turning the tables on her attacker
Self-sacrifice: Mother saves son while falling from a 30-foot bridge
Selfless gesture by bride's dad touches millions around the world
Selfless: 21-year-old mother gives up her life to save 12-day-old baby
Selfless: Mother of five adopts children of her deceased neighbor
Separated at birth? Lookalike photos that will have you in stitches
Seven-year-old with Down syndrome takes photo of guardian angel
Seventeen pics of people being woken up by their pets in funny ways
Seventy years after his death his wife discovers he's a hero
Seventy years later he finds the couple that saved him from the Nazis
Severely disfigured child is transformed by a risky operation
Severely obese teenager loses 198 lbs in just nine months
She becomes her sister’s surrogate after nine miscarriages
She brought forth new life in the midst of battling to save her own
She changed what happened to chimps when the lab tests were done
She had three months to live and started hiding notes around the house
She reencounters her mom after thinking she was dead for 54 years
She thought she was rescuing a dog, but it turns out otherwise
She was bullied about her weight but now she's a star on Instagram
She was homeless because she couldn't read. And then she met a hero.
She was jilted at the altar, but ended up dancing with a stranger
She's suing Zara: woman finds part of a dead rodent in her dress
Shelter dog ignored by former family — they wanted a new pet
Shock: A dog thrown from a car on the highway gets saved
Shock: Woman learns she is expecting conjoined twins
Shocked mother finds altered photo of her baby on the net
Shocking diagnosis: Her unborn son had only a 5% chance of survival
Shocking images show sacrifice made by injured soldiers
Shocking images: Mango fly eats this puppy from the inside out
Shocking images: Parents shoot up heroin before car ride with child
Shocking video shows annual whale hunt in the Faroe Islands
Shocking video: Crocodiles tortured on leather farm
Shocking video: Woman caught hitting and biting her dog on the subway
Shocking: Girl loses scalp on carnival ride
Shocking: Hidden camera reveals abuse by babysitter
Shocking: Mystery illness nearly cost father his life
Short film sheds light on child abuse and the foster care system
Shown footage of factory farms, festival-goers were stunned silent
Siberian Snow White: Eight-year-old with albinism becomes model
Siblings rescue their little brother from a kidnapper
Sickly kitten grows into gorgeous, impressive cat
Sign from above? Beam of light shines from scene of tragic accident
Signals your cat is giving you and their meanings
Silly pictures of people having a bit of fun with statues
Simple remedy! Vaseline frees girl from a terrible skin disease
Simply too cute! Mother films a cat and a baby sharing a tender caress.
Single mother receives startling skin cancer diagnosis
Sir Nicholas Winton: Humanitarian and hero
Sister speaks up about the joys of having a Down syndrome brother
Sisters born with the Harlequin disease are hoping for a cure
Six-year-old girl sells lemonade to help other foster kids
Six-year-old saved by police from horrible neglect
Sixteen movie stars who died during filming
Sixteen of the best celebrity photobombs
Sixteen-year-old dog fights off wolf to save its owner
Sixteen-year-old Russian films her own horrific death.
Sixteen-year-old saves a father and two daughters from drowning