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Not for the faint of heart: Doctor removes monster cyst from man's hip
Not for weak stomachs: 30-year-old cyst squeezed out of man's back
Not only did the mother get a surprise in the delivery room...
Nurse develops bathing method that brings babies back to the womb
Nursing home patient leaves behind a poetic reflection on life
Off the wall: Absurd clothing that defies description
Off-duty police officers cook lonely old couple a meal
Ohio judge doles out creative punishments
Old man shows up a young business student
Old woman heals people by licking their eyeballs
On her wedding day, woman meets the recipient of her dead son's heart.
Once a scar, now art: Tattoo artist helping victims of violence
Once obese, this woman is now an inspiration to thousands
One man steps in to save another — and ends up saving himself!
One man's kind act gets rewarded in an unexpected way
One mother's amazing body positive journey is inspiring millions
Organ donor's mother receives a special gift from heart recipient
Organization helps parents cope with loss of their stillborn children
Ouch: Man gets pimple inside his nostril popped
Outrageous: Father endangers baby's life for Facebook videos
Over two pounds of hair got sheared off this cat
Overweight man lost 110 lbs to become bodybuilder
Owner secretly films mailman stroking his dog everyday
Owners discover heartbreaking reason for their dog's behavior
Painful: Doctors find 150 needles in 56-year-old's body
Paralyzed girl takes first steps after 15 years in a wheelchair
Paramedic posts photo to show what the ER is really meant for
Parents appalled as seven-year-old is severely burned by henna tattoo
Parents are mystified as to why their son's grave has turned green
Parents are rattled when their three-year-old reports hearing a voice
Parents discover a hidden twin after their miscarriage
Parents fill cancer-stricken son's last months with love and happiness
Parents film a very strange phenomenon in their baby's crib
Parents force daughter to work in freak show as "Werewolf Girl"
Parents give son cannabis to cure his cancer
Parents go the extra mile to diagnose son's rare disease
Parents sending some funny texts with their smartphones
Parents surprise son by turning secret attic into gorgeous playroom
Parents warned about the dangers of moldy sippy cups
Parents who have more fun on the roller coaster than their kids
Parents who lost their daughter hear her heart beat again
Parents who lost their three children find solace in new blessings
Parrot reveals what it saw at the murder scene
Penguin escapes killer whales in a remarkable way
People and their pets through the years
People with Down syndrome send message of hope to worried mom
Perfect timing: With these 15 photos you have to look twice
Pet store owner saves cat that was hit by a car
Petition: A dog is likely to die for such a futile reason
Photo gallery: Senior citizens rocking awesome tattoos
Photo of mother co-sleeping with children goes viral
Photo of twins during water birth is unusual in more than one way
Photographer captures the exhausting and claustrophobic Tokyo commute
Photographer sees just how close she was to a deadly predator
Photos clearly showing how animals suffer from environmental pollution
Photos from an alligator amusement park cause mixed reactions
Photos taken at just the right moment
Photos that show people winning the food lottery
Photos that will change some preconceptions about people with tattoos
Pictures that really show the joy of fatherhood
Pictures that show the natural world at its scariest
Pictures that show things from a very different perspective
Pilot gets a chance to pay back her co-worker by donating her kidney
Ping pong show: Weird, exotic entertainment from Southeast Asia
Pit bull mix forms inseparable bond with young girl
Pit bull saves pregnant owner from having miscarriage
Pit bull wakes up her owner like clockwork...
Pitbull left to die after dogfight completely massacred her
Pjotr Pawlenski: An artist between genius and insanity
Plus-size woman overcomes bullying trauma with self-confident photos
Polar bears cooled down with blocks of ice in summer heat
Police cook lunch for kids while mom gets much needed medical help
Police officer cares for neglected baby found during DUI stop
Police track down a missing child after 19 years
Policer officer discovers nest of baby squirrels in car
Poor man works tirelessly so that his daughter can have a better life
Poor pups: Young dogs that were stung by bees
Powerful video raises awareness about domestic violence
Powerful video warns about dangers of using cellphones while driving
Powerful: Scientist who raised gorilla finally meets him again
Pregnant woman is saved from cancer by her daughter
Pregnant woman shares important message with dead husband
Premature baby lives for two hours and dies in her mother's arms
Prisoner devises sick plan to murder Justin Bieber
Prom dresses bought online are a big disappointment once unpacked
Public gets tested: Will people react to woman abusing "foster son"?
Pulling back the curtain on the airline industry: Plane secrets!
Puppy rescued after ten days trapped in a well
Puppy suffered terrible burns — but then met girl who understood him
Puppy whose tail was hacked off gets rescued
Puzzle: What number is missing?
Quintuplets raised in the spotlight and abused behind the scenes
Quiz: How many of these 17 foods can you recognize close up?
Radical turnaround: Mother of octuplets leaves the porn industry
Rape victim enjoys life again thanks to a pack of wolves
Rape victim reunites with daughter and her descendants 77 years later
Rare disease has newborn baby looking like old man
Rare historical photos show just what people are capable of
Real-life horror! Surgeon performs gruesome experiments on dogs
Record breaking: Man didn't cut his hair for 50 years