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Mom takes to the streets to teach a lesson about self-esteem
Mom warns about the dangers of drug addiction after losing husband
Mom warns about the dangers of drug addiction after losing husband
Mom warns about the hidden danger of scented candles
Mom's heartfelt letter to her ex-husband's new wife has moved millions
Monstrous: Dog abuser horrifically tortures German Shepherd
Morbid! Woman embalms dead son with vodka and keeps him in basement
More powerful than words: students pay a beloved teacher last respects
Most kids benefit from having pets, as these photos demonstrate!
Mother abandons child with Down syndrome only to reunite a while later
Mother admits to breastfeeding baby while having sex
Mother and newborn baby both brought back to life
Mother artificially impregnated with someone else's embryo
Mother artificially impregnated with someone else's embryo
Mother captures the love between baby and puppy
Mother cat saves her five kittens from serious fire
Mother defends her breastfeeding photos after insult
Mother delivers baby at home in the presence of all her family
Mother documents REAL post-baby body to encourage other moms
Mother dolphin kills her young to spare it a life in captivity
Mother embarrassed by her six-year-old — but then she learns a lesson
Mother falls in love with her anonymous sperm donor
Mother flips out when she finds out what her "special soap" really is
Mother gives birth to baby in amniotic sac while on the road
Mother gives birth to identical quadruplets
Mother gives birth to triplets at just 23 weeks — and they survive
Mother has the best reaction when she learns her baby's gender
Mother in despair after daughter died of heroin overdose
Mother is criticized for dyeing her six-year-old's hair green
Mother is touched by service dog's effect on her son
Mother justified in not allowing her son to attend orca show
Mother makes a little on the side with daring photos
Mother meets the man who received her dead son's face transplant
Mother of abused teenager shares her story on the internet
Mother of an autistic child thanks a stranger for a very special gift
Mother of boy who was bullied to death writes an open letter
Mother of four criticized for lifting weights while pregnant
Mother of premature triplets sent thank you to nurses
Mother of six learns to love her stretch marks thanks to husband
Mother of two boys tests the impact of technology on her family
Mother of two pairs of twins does gorgeous photoshoot with them
Mother posts message to daughter who spoke out against bullying
Mother posts moving photos of her dead baby
Mother posts photo and inspires women to love their bodies
Mother posts photo of C-section scar to show it's not the easy way out
Mother posts photos of son to warn other parents about Lyme disease
Mother refuses to give up hope after a shocking ultrasound
Mother saves daughters from a fire by sending them down a well
Mother saves her children's lives by not pulling them from burning car
Mother shares pictures and story of recovery from melanoma
Mother suffers horribly after becoming victim of malpractice
Mother throws herself in front of a moving car to save her children
Mother uses dildo as chew toy for baby and faces outrage
Mother wants to save lives by sacrificing her own baby
Mother warns others about the dangers of "party drugs"
Mother warns others on Facebook about the dangers of fidget spinners
Mother with terminal cancer makes miraculous recovery
Mother writes about big life changes after having a child
Mother writes heartbreaking letter to kids who raped her daughter
Mother writes open letter after being advised to abort baby
Mother writes touching letter while battling cancer
Mother's beautiful protest against public breastfeeding naysayers
Mother's bold post-baby bikini photo inspires women by the thousands
Mother's idea transforms baby care
Mother's touch helps bring newborn baby back to life
Mothers moved to tears by kind words from their children
Moving father-daughter wedding song in hospital room
Moving moment: Policewoman helps elderly homeless man
Moving video: 400 students surprise their sick teacher
Moving video: Dog says last goodbye to his dying owner
Moving: A dying mother entrusted her son to his nurse
Moving: Dying dog walks his owner down the aisle
Moving: Langur monkeys mourn "death" of robot baby monkey
Moving: Man writes letter to his deceased girlfriend and unborn baby
Moving: Mother receives "sign" while visiting her dead son's grave
Moving: Mother writes gorgeous poem for stillborn baby
Moving: Over 100 bikers gather to fulfill man's dying wish
Moving: Parents celebrate the birth of terminally ill baby every day
Moving: Pregnant widow reconstructs photos with her dead husband
Moving: Sad dog from humane society makes brilliant transformation
Moving: Tissue company comes up with a very unique TV commercial
Murder victim helps solve the case of her own death
Murdered policeman's wife gives birth to their unexpected child
Mysterious sight: Strange creature terrifies village in South Africa
Mysterious: Boy has vision of fatherhood that later comes true
Nasty ant infestation discovered at Italian hospital
Navy veteran saves elderly woman from a brutal robbery
Nearly 60 years later the Dyatlov Pass still holds a dark secret
Nearly blind Rottweiler becomes hero overnight
Neighbors build a pub between their houses
Neighbors redo celebration for little girl who missed Halloween
Newborn baby holds something surprising in his tiny hand
Newborn receives life-saving heart transplant just in time
Nigerian woman's surprise at sextuplets after 17-year wait
Nightmare: Lizard crawls into open wound on man's leg
Nine months after birth, mom shows what motherhood really feels like
Nine reasons why mom is truly the best!
Nine-year-old thanks police with touching note at diner
Norwegian politician undresses in front of camera and sets an example
Not for the faint of heart: Doctor removes bowling ball-sized tumor