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A baby dies of meningitis in just 14 hours
A badly abused girl's long journey of healing leads to accolades
A bear is freed from torture at a bile farm in China
A beautiful friendship forms between this lion and her foster family
A boy being raised by his grandmother finds a lovely way to thank her
A boy meets his rescuer — 25 years later
A boy saves a kitten from death thanks to Pokémon Go
A boy's daily battle fighting a rare skin disease
A boyfriend's surprise leads to more drama off screen than on
A broken down driver gets creative on Germany's famous Autobahn
A compilation of photos that display laziness at its finest
A couple lost everything when they booked the wrong movers
A disabled child is a victim of cyberbullying
A dog sniffed out his owner’s cancer
A dog survives a brutal attack and gets a second chance at life
A dog swims to visit a dolphin pod in the ocean
A domestic violence victim's last heroic act saved her baby's life
A Facebook post gives a father and son the gift of time
A family fights their insurance company to pay for their baby's Viagra
A family of five moves into a school bus
A father declares unexpected vows to his new wife's daughter
A father's moving reason for wearing the same t-shirt for 20 years
A fearless doberman saves his family from deadly snakes
A first: Czech woman becomes pregnant with quintuplets
A French model's best-seller reveals fashion's secret dark side
A gallery of pictures: Roommates nobody wants to have
A girl dies of an embolism linked to her contraceptive pill
A hero on four legs: Pit bull saves boy from poisonous snake
A holocaust survivor shares a story of hope and generosity
A husband takes care of his wife as she slips away
A known fossil site is home to an amazing discovery!
A little boy writes a love letter to his girlfriend in hospital
A little girl befriends an old man at the store
A little girl has a nightmare experience using a public toilet
A little secret is hiding in this pattern
A man asked for a divorce, but his wife's request changed everything
A man asked for a divorce, but his wife's request changed everything
A man finds a photo of Billy the Kid in a box of junk
A man got 100 different surgeries to look “perfect”
A man is transformed by a near-death experience on Mount Everest
A man singlehandedly digs a road through a mountain
A man strikes some absurd poses making fun of others on the internet
A man took these pictures from an airplane. What he saw is unbelievable.
A man writes a new sentence on a blind beggar's sign
A matter of taste: Woman models tiny vulvas on her fingernails
A miracle: 10-year-old cancer patient recovers all on her own
A mom threw her kids' ice cream away. The reason will make you smile.
A mom's reality — hard work all day, with little or no results!
A mother finds her child again 21 years after his kidnapping
A mother's enlightening letter about the passing of time
A motorist saw a little girl alone on the highway and changed her life
A moving discovery: Fatally injured coyote cared for by his pack
A moving story of a dog that learned how to trust
A neglected horse is rescued by a group of determined volunteers
A new diet: Couple claim to live off fresh air
A new life: Sick orphan boy rescued from war zone
A nurse reveals what she actually does on a daily basis.
A nurse saved 2,500 Jewish children from certain death
A Paris street becomes the scene of horrible crimes
A patient's flatulence sets operating room on fire
A photo posted on social media led a doctor to speak out
A photographer captures the moment people are told they're beautiful
A rare case: Baby born 107 days after his mother dies
A real life Batman befriends a special girl in need of his help
A reddit user's end-of-life thoughts prompts us to re-think our goals
A sad baby elephant comforts its dying mother
A selection of cringeworthy swimsuit fails
A service dog improves a family's life
A sick baby miraculously recovers after his mother’s premonition
A simple kitchen performance of "Hero" becomes a YouTube sensation
A small gesture makes a strong point about drunk driving
A spider bite with terrible consequences
A street dog covered in tumors catches the eye of a good samaritan
A surgical error destroyed this woman's face
A terminal cancer patient's wish to see her dog is granted
A touching story about a rescued kitten with a sweet name
A transgender man posts pictures of his transformation
A true scientific mystery: Buddhist lama 'alive' 90 years after death
A TV show transforms the life of this disfigured woman
A visible protest is a successful protest
A vlogger and a homeless man set off a chain reaction of kindness
A wakeboarder has the ultimate dolphin encounter
A warning to all smartphone users: Distraction can lead to disaster
A wife kept a secret hidden in the bedroom closet for 50 years
A woman abandons her baby in broad daylight... how do passersby react?
A woman finds a suitcase full of kittens on the street
A woman gives shelter to a stray dog that's about to give birth
A woman is saved by blood donations after delivery
A woman recognized a photo of her stillborn child on Facebook
A woman suffering from postpartum depression shares her story
A woman with 6,000 tumors helps others in her situation
A year in the making: Husband gives wife a special Christmas present
A young Afghan burn victim receives transformational surgery in LA
A young boy who suffers from a rare disease is turning to stone
A young girl stuns the world with her singing talent
A young Indonesian man marries a woman three times his age
A young leopard finds something moving in the fur of her kill
A young man's stutter doesn't stop him from achieving his dreams
A young nanny saves a baby by donating part of her liver
A young victim of bullying commits suicide at 20