Impressive photos of people who have defeated anorexia

Anorexia, also known as anorexia nervosa, is an extremely malicious psychological eating disorder. The compulsive starvation can lead to growth disorders, osteoporosis, the absence of periods in women, heart weakness and, in 15% of cases, even death. Many people think that those affected are teenagers who have succumbed to the social pressures of what is considered beautiful. While women are largely affected by the disease, more and more men are also suffering from anorexia.

Beating the disease can be a struggle and usually only possible with the help of long-term therapy. The sufferers have to regain their lives again, which means their sanity, well-being and a healthy lifestyle — no longer putting food and their bodies at the center of their lives. Here are 16 courageous people who fought hard with their illnesses and managed to overcome them. These photos are testament to the enormous strength and courage it takes to beat anorexia.







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Fortunately, these people overcame their illnesses and regained a healthy weight and lifestyle. No one should suffer the way these people have, and so many people out there still do. These people, in manifesting their before and after photos, are also making a strong statement that the disease is not taboo. No one should ever feel ashamed or hesitate to ask for help.


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