Girl is cured of disease by a huge fall

Little Annabel Beam from Burleson, Texas, had been suffering from terrible abdominal pain for as long as she could remember. The reason was two dangerous illnesses affecting her digestive system. You can see in the photograph how bloated poor Annabel's tummy was (though she looks like a fun, cheerful kid despite that!).

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It was so serious, she wasn't allowed to eat solid food, only liquids. Doctors at the hospital saw her often but were only able to slightly alleviate the discomfort; an actual cure did not seem possible. But then something incredible happened in 2012 while eight-year-old Annabel was playing in her family's yard with her two sisters. 

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After climbing high into a tree, the little girl fell, but not to the ground. Annabel ended up falling 30 feet into the hollow tree and sustained a number of blows to the head that knocked her unconscious by the time she landed. 

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Her siblings ran inside to get their mother who could hardly believe it when she saw Annabel stuck inside the tree. Her husband Kevin rushed to the scene as well, but wasn't able to get to his daughter either.

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They called the fire department but even they didn't have an easy solution: they couldn't simply cut down the tree because there was too great a risk of injuring the unconscious Annabel. So they crafted a device to reach inside the hollow tree and lift her out. It worked and once she was freed, they took her straight to the hospital. 

Now the story takes an incredible turn: at the hospital, doctors were able to establish that although Annabel had received a concussion, everything else was ok. No broken bones, not a bruise to be found. How is that possible from a height of 30 feet? They couldn't understand it. And then when her mother looked more closely at Annabel's abdomen, she saw that it wasn't bloated anymore. They asked the child and she reported that she had no pain. When the doctors examined her, they found her digestive system completely healthy. 

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There still isn't a good scientific explanation, but Annabel did tell her mother that she'd had a religious vision as she fell, which she thinks healed her. An amazing story in any case. 

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However it happened, Annabel's story has attracted the attention of Hollywood and is being made into a movie. The now 13-year-old  hasn't had any more pain since the fall that, instead of costing her her life, seems to have cured her.  

You can watch the whole story of Annabel and her family in this video:

When we hear a story like Annabel's it is clear that there are things that happen in this world that we can never hope to understand. Whatever it was that saved her, it's wonderful to know that she can now enjoy her life and do all the things she couldn't do for eight long years. A real childhood was given back to her!




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