Abandoned dog found with its legs and snout tied

Animal rescue organizations receive calls on a daily basis from people who have found animals in desperate conditions. This time was no exception — the "Pupekas" organization in the Spanish city of Almería was alerted about a dog discovered in a terrible state. 

When one of the volunteers approached the suffering animal, they saw that the warren hound had been left to its fate. Abandoned in a trash pile, the dog's snout and legs had been tied so that it couldn't walk, drink water or bark for help. Here you can see a short video of the rescue:

It's a sad fact that there are cruel people in the world and we'll never fully understand their actions. If the previous owners no longer wanted the dog, why didn't they simply give it up for adoption? Instead, they left the animal to die in the summer heat.

Dehydrated and drifting in and out of consciousness, the female warren hound was struggling to stay alive in the hot weather; she would've only lasted a few more hours if she hadn't been rescued. It's even said that the dog had recently given birth, but the puppies couldn't be found nearby. 

After receiving veterinary medical treatment, the dog was taken to a shelter where she could begin her recovery. Staff at the shelter named her "Esperanza" ("hope" in English) after the famous saying "hope is the last thing to die." Against all odds, Esperanza was able to survive and make a full recovery.

But Esperanza's story doesn't end there. Only a few days later, she found a new family! As seen in wonderful videos of them all together, the new owners have shown that there is a better side of humanity. 

Though Esperanza's story had a happy ending, other abandoned animals aren't so fortunate. That's why we need to support animal rescue organizations and raise awareness of this problem. 


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