21 hilarious animal photobombs that will leave you in stitches!

Everything is prepared for the perfect photo: you and your best friend grin for the defining pic of your trip when suddenly another friend sneaks up and jumps into the frame to ruin it. Fun for them, annoying for us.

But these 21 photos are sure to put a smile on your face and the best things is, these photobombers aren't even human! Say cheese!

1. What your cute little kitty cat really looks like when your back is turned...

Evil Cat Photobomb

2. Now that's a smile!

Had my first Revolutionary War reenactment yesterday and one of the horses was prepared for the camera. 

3. "Hey! What about me?"

Jealous Cat Photobomb

4. "Here's Kitty!!!"


5. A little late, but still qualifies as a photobomb!

Photobomb level: chocolate lab

6. This camel takes photobombing to a whole new level!

Now that's a photobomb

7. "Don't forget about me!"

I was deployed in mid-2011. This was my dog's very first reaction upon seeing me over Skype.

8. "What? You don't want a picture with me? I'll show you!!!"

9. The infamous "Viking Squirrel" photobomb.

10. "Wait for me!"

11. That one really knocked him off his feet!

12. On her wedding day? Really? Some cats don't have any respect.

13. If you want to be a good photobomber, you've got to be willing to stick your neck out!

14. "Try to get my good side."

15. "Hi guys!"

16. "Did you really think I would pass up this opportunity?"

17. Now that's what I call getting upstaged!

18. The question here is: Who's doing the photobombing?

19. Almost looks like a doggy selfie.

20. Doggy-paddle photobomb!

21. "Just thought I'd poke my head in for a look around."




Also hefty