The internet is going wild over this nail art that uses dead animals

Nail artist Nicole Casti from Melbourne, Australia, now has more than 100,000 followers on Instagram. Her unique style of nail art has helped her fame spread. What makes her style special is a certain "ingredient" she uses.

Ms Casti attaches the dead bodies of animals or insects to her customers' nails. She said she was inspired by a Mexican woman's nails that had been done using a scorpion.

"I've always been fascinated with taxidermy," she told Daily Mail Australia. "I find beauty in death."

Ms Casti first sanitizes the dead body of the animal to make it more 'taxidermy-ish.' Then, she puts it on a nail and covers it with an acrylic manicure. This fixes the animal to the nail and also prevents it from decaying.

She's used various animals and animal parts, including ladybugs, butterfly wings, seahorses and even snakeskin. To make the nails even fancier, she also decorates them with rhinestones or glitter.

Believe it or not, her salon, Deadly Nails, is running well with a lot of support from customers. You have to make reservations online in order to get an appointment.

But she has also been on the receiving end of a backlash online. Someone sent her the following message, which she posted on her Instagram, including her response...

In the caption for the post, she wrote, "I've been doing nails for many years and it's never even about 15 minutes of fame for me. (...) If my customers are happy, that's all that matters. And just a small FYI, I have been asked before to use pet ashes and human ashes (which I haven't had the chance to) I agree we are all living beings, and I'm pretty sure I would need some medical degree before I even got to touch a human organ."

Regardless of the controversy over her works, Nicole Casti's salon shows no sign of suffering from a lack of customers. What do you think of her 'deadly' works?



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