Gruesome video: Fur plucked from live Angora rabbit

The animal protection organization One Voice published this horrific video. It shows how Angora rabbits have their fur ripped out while they are still alive. The animals are initially kept in terrible cramped conditions in tiny cages. Every three months, they endure this torture so that their soft fur can then made into Angora wool by the garment industry. The terrified animals are strapped down and held tightly, unable to move on a table while clumps of fur are ripped from their sensitive skin, often leaving it torn and bleeding. The cries of pain that the distressed rabbits emit are almost unbearable. Warning: this video contains graphic and disturbing images.

Ninety percent of Angora wool comes from China, where there are little to no protections for animals. But on French Angora farms, the animals suffer similar conditions to those in this harrowing video. With this petition, animal rights organization One Voice hopes to persuade the French Agriculture Minister to end this brutal practice in France. Share this article to help expose this animal cruelty and add your voice to those who oppose mistreatment of innocent creatures! 





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