Car seat didn't stop this child from being seriously hurt in a crash

Angela Brown from New South Wales, Australia is an experienced mother of two teenagers and two toddlers. As a conscientious mom she only wants the best for her children. But unfortunately, all of her experience and good intentions weren't enough when she ended up in a serious car accident with her children in the car.

Angela had made one bad decision that didn't seem very important at the time, but it nearly ended her child's life. Angela, her husband and their two youngest children were on their way home from a dentist appointment when Angela lost control of the vehicle and crashed head-on into a tree at 60 mph. When she heard her children screaming for their lives, Angela jumped out of the car in a panic.

Angela could see that her barely one-year-old baby didn't have any visible injuries, but her two-year-old daughter Summer-Rose had suffered a serious blow to her head. They would only find out later that it was even more serious than they initially thought. But how was it possible that one child could come away from such a horrible accident completely unscathed and the other seriously injured?

The answer to this crucial question soon became clear: while her little sister sat in a baby seat that faced backwards, little Summer-Rose was in a car seat that faced forward and this positioning had led to two very different outcomes when the car crashed. When the car hit the tree, Summer-Rose was thrown forward while her baby sister remained securely strapped in her baby seat. It wasn't until Summer-Rose was brought to a hospital that doctors were able to determine the horrible extent of her injuries.

Summer-Rose's spine had been broken at the c1 and c2 vertebrae and it was a miracle that she was still alive. There was also the very real possibility that she would be paralyzed from the neck down for the rest of her life. To help with the healing process, Summer-Rose received a halo neck brace which holds the head in place and keeps the spine straight allowing patients to move around with minimal pain and discomfort. Summer-Rose was one of the youngest patients ever to receive this kind of treatment.

It's really quite unbelievable that the same accident could result in one child suffering life-threatening injuries while the other is left uninjured, especially considering that they were both in the same car. 

Thankfully little Summer-Rose has recovered from her injuries and is now a healthy, happy child once again. And her mother has learned a very important lesson: always position a child's car seat according to the manufacturer's guidelines.

This story shows how important it is to make sure that a child's car seat is properly positioned. For infants and toddlers this most often means that they are facing backwards which prevents them from being thrown forward in the case of a head-on collision. It may seem like a small detail, but it's also a very important one that can save a child's life.


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