17-year-old cancer patient shares gorgeous bald photos

17-year-old Andrea Sierra Salazar from McAllen, Texas was devastated when she was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer. The model was having a hard time with the loss of her beautiful brown hair due to the treatment.

"Before chemotherapy I had always been a confident person," said Andrea. "So when my hair started to fall out I would look in the mirror and I wouldn’t feel that confident about myself." At first, she was too self-conscious about her appearance to do a photoshoot without a wig on. But soon she realized that she had nothing to be ashamed of, and could even be an inspiration to other girls battling serious illnesses.

"I see all these little girls, and you can see it in their faces that they lose all confidence in themselves. I want them to know that your hair or your physical attributes don't define who you are — what really matters is your inner beauty, the way you treat others, and if you’re a kind person, that shows through. Cancer doesn't stop me me from being a princess."

Wise words from a beautiful young woman!


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