Mom takes to the streets to teach a lesson about self-esteem

Amy Pence-Brown of Boise, Idaho, is a mother of three, including two daughters, who tends a small library and garden at the local school.

She's what you might call "curvy" and, yes, like any mother of three, or just any person with four decades of life under their belt, she's got some cellulite, saggy parts, and greying hair. And it doesn't mean she's not beautiful — filled with life, ideas, and warmth.

To set an example, both for her own daughters and for other grown women who might be insecure about their bodies — understandable, given our culture's tendency to objectify and over-sexualize women and girls! — she decided to do a courageous experiment. Check it out:


Amy reminds the world that, "in a society that profits from self-doubt, self-love can be a rebellious action" — inspiring. You can read her whole incredible, so-moving description of that day here on her blog. 

She admitted that the morning of the experiment, she was so nervous she thought she'd throw up. But in the end, as with most acts of bravery, she was so glad she'd done it. Everyone needs a little encouragement about their body sometimes, and boy, does Amy share just that! 


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