Injured 25-year-old survives 28 hours alone in the wilderness

What 25-year-old nurse Amber Kohnhorst from Minnesota experienced while out on a hiking expedition is a nightmare. On May 20, she fell from a cliff and remained on the ground badly injured for 28 hours. She was so certain she would die that she actually started to write farewell letters as she lay there alone at the bottom of the cliff.

It all began with a short hiking trip through Arizona. Amber is a very experienced hiker and chose what she thought was an easy trail to make sure that she would be back before sundown.

But somehow, she lost her bearings and had no idea how she would get back down from the cliff that she had managed to climb. Amber tried to find the footprints she had made on the way up, but when she couldn't find them, she began to get scared.

With no cell phone reception, she was unable to call for help, so she decided to try climbing down. Unfortunately, Amber stumbled and ended up falling 90 feet to a ledge below! The fall broke several bones in her back and she was left unconscious. She had a broken nose, her face was covered with cuts and bruises, and her ear was partly torn off.

Amber eventually regained consciousness but was unable to move. She lay there alone in the wilderness for over 24 hours and wasn't sure if help would arrive in time. Imagine the horror of being stuck in the middle of nowhere, injured and helpless with death staring you in face.

As the hours dragged on, Amber started losing hope. She began to think about her family and wanted to send them a message in case she never saw them again. "I wrote letters to my parents. I'm sorry. I'm trying to blow my whistle. I've fallen. That was going to be my goodbye," Amber remembered.

But in the end, the young nurse was extremely lucky. When the staff at the bed-and-breakfast where she was staying noticed that she hadn't slept in her bed, they immediately called the police. A rescue team was sent out and a helicopter began searching the area for the missing 25-year-old. A few hours later, Amber was found and her painful 28-hour ordeal was over. Her rescuers brought her to a hospital in Utah.

Amber spent the next few weeks recovering and her wounds have nearly healed and she is doing well. But the recovery process was long and the costs of her treatment were substantial. To help Amber with the medical bills, her friends started a donation campaign to help keep her out of debt. Amber feels very fortunate to have survived and is very grateful to everyone who helped with her rescue.


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