Premature baby lives for two hours and dies in her mother's arms

A baby, her own family, a chance to share the love she had in her heart: these were the things that Alyssa Young from Winchester, Kentucky had dreamed about since falling in love with her husband Justin when they were still just teenagers. They had already been a couple for six years and now they wanted to take the next step and have a child together.

When Alyssa found out she was pregnant, the couple were overjoyed but they also knew that they were taking a big risk. Alyssa suffers from cerebral palsy and type 2 diabetes which are conditions that can cause severe complications during pregnancy. They decided to accept the risk, however, and Alyssa did everything she could to ensure that her unborn child remained as healthy as possible. During an ultrasound it was determined that their baby was a little girl and they chose to name her Scarlett. On the sixth day of the 19th week of pregnancy Alyssa went in for a routine examination and everything looked good for Scarlett. She weighed exactly the right amount for a baby at her stage of development and the doctor saw nothing to be concerned about. But just a few days later in the the 20th week, Alyssa suddenly began to suffer from severe abdominal pain.

The pain became so intense that Alyssa could no longer stand it. She called an ambulance and was brought to a hospital where it was determined that she was suffering from premature contractions. Alyssa's body was trying to induce labor and much too early. If this happened, it would mean certain death for Scarlett. An ultrasound showed that everything was fine with Scarlett and there was no reason for Alyssa's body to terminate the pregnancy. But her body didn't seem to understand this. The doctors gave Alyssa magnesium in an attempt to save Scarlett, but nothing seemed to help. And on the fifth day of the 20th week of her pregnancy, Alyssa gave birth to her little girl.

Her parents knew that Scarlett wouldn't survive for very long. She was simply too small and too weak. The youngest surviving premature baby was 22 weeks at birth, a full two weeks older than Scarlett. Justin and Alyssa called their relatives so they could come to the hospital and meet their daughter. It was also their chance to say goodbye to her. Scarlett's parents held her tiny hand and prayed for a miracle, but in the end they knew that they had to say farewell. But at least they had the chance to spend some time with their daughter, even if it was only two short hours.

Alyssa and Justin were able to hold their baby girl in their arms, but in the end they also had to watch as she took her final breath. It was an experience filled with joy and relief and a great deal of pain. Scarlett's life may have been brief but it was also full of love. Alyssa now wants to encourage other women to talk about their stillborn children and preemies in the hope that sharing their experiences will help them deal with the emotional pain. That is why she didn't hesitate to post a photo of her little Scarlett on Facebook. Alyssa and Justin have shown great strength and courage during this very trying time but they are helping each other through it. And thanks to their openness, little Scarlett will live on as symbol of encouragement to other families who are dealing with the same heartache.


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