11-year-old child prodigy praised for her immense musical talent

Alma Deutscher's parents knew very early on that their daughter had an incredible ear for music. She started playing the piano when she was two and the violin when she was three. From then on, she improvised simple melodies on the piano and began composing at age four. Now at the age of 11, she is not only a great violinist and pianist but also composes her own concertos and operas.

Here you can see her exceptional talent in a short video:

Alma has been hailed as a child prodigy. She is often compared to Vienna's most famous Wunderkind, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who thrilled Europe with his operas and instrumental works in the late 18th Century. And to think, all these wonderful melodies come to her when she is most relaxed or even asleep. The first thing her father does is record what she has dreamed the night before so her creations are immediately captured and none of her inspiration is lost.

Alma was recently invited to perform at the World.Minds conference in Zurich last December as part of a community of 1,000 high achievers who have made proven contributions in science, the arts and business. There she took the opportunity to test out the amazing Birdly, where she enjoyed an extremely vivid full-body experience of simulated flight. Can you imagine what kind of beautiful inspiration came to her while she was flying like a bird?

The video showed us the rehearsal of Alma's opera, which she completed at the age of 10. It's based on the Cinderella fairy tale and had it’s world premiere in Vienna in December 2016. Maestro Zubin Mehta organized the performances, all of which were sold out and ended in thunderous standing ovations with some lasting up to ten minutes!

Alma, who is homeschooled in Dorking, south of London, has big plans for the future, starting with a project to complete a piano concerto. She also wants to write a book and turn it into a film. And of course, she'll also be composing the score for that film.

The world can expect even more big things from this young and very talented girl. She has already achieved much more than most people her age and her inspiration seems almost limitless. It'll be interesting to see — and hear — the artistic wonders she has in store for us.


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