16-year-old German girl finds five abandoned puppies in plastic bags

Alica, a 16-year-old student from Germany, was on her way to school when she noticed a faint whimper coming from behind a fence. When she took a closer look, she noticed something terrible: a newborn pup, still smeared with blood and left abandoned. "It was just awful! Who does something that terrible?" the teenager asked.

Alica wrapped the little bundle in her jacket and skipped school in order to take the dog to the vet. After the newborn pup received its first treatment, Alica returned to the site with a staff member. The vet suspected that the puppy was just one among a litter, and rightly so: tucked away in plastic bags, Alica and the staff member found four more puppies! 

For one of the puppies, help came too late: it had already suffocated. The rest were immediately taken to the vet for medical care. Because this student had acted so quickly, the puppies' chances of survival were good. At the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the little pups will be nursed back to good health until they are big enough to be given up for adoption. Alica really hopes to find the person responsible for this horrendous act, and also hopes to bring one of the puppies home one day. 

What a great, and above all, swift act on the part of this young student! The four sweet bundles of joy are sure to find loving families. Hopefully, the person responsible for this cruelty is quickly identified and punished. 




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