Overweight man lost 110 lbs to become bodybuilder

When Alastair Wilson looked down at the scale in 2012 and saw "280 lbs," he decided it was time for change. He was in his mid-20s — his best years, he thought — and he didn't want to waste them. The excess weight wasn't just a physical burden but also a psychological one. 

In the beginning it felt like a huge obstacle to surmount, just to get himself to the gym and exercise. But once he had a clear goal in mind, it started working: he was going to lose weight and become a bodybuilder! Changing his diet ended up being a bigger challenge: "My diet was pretty much complacent and consisted mainly of food that was easy to make. I was not looking after myself, but I managed to turn my life around."

Today the 28-year-old looks like a well-sculpted steely statue: the young father weighs in at 176 lbs of just about pure muscle. He's happy with the way he looks too. It's hard to believe what he's achieved when you see the before and after pictures.

His secret? A good butcher. 

Without his butcher, Alastair himself says he never would have gotten there.

In order to build more muscle, Alastair needed to eat a lot of protein. He started consuming six eggs per day (just the whites), 14 oz of steak, 14 oz of fish, and 21 oz of chicken. It wasn't just a lot, it was expensive too.

He didn't want to eat poor quality meat either, which wouldn't have as many nutrients or even as high a protein count. So he went looking for a suitable place to source his food. And that's how he met local butcher Alan Elliot.

Alastair started buying all his meats from Alan at a reduced price in exchange for promoting the butcher at bodybuilding events, work, the gym, and on social media. Quite an unusual deal...

What a great example of how much is possible when you're really determined. You can totally transform your life — and even your body. It takes a lot of effort at the start to overcome your own bad habits, as Alastair testifies. But once you make a little progress, you'll find yourself in a positive feedback loop that provides you with regular encouragement and keeps you going.

One step at a time, and don't be afraid to get the support you need — whether it's from friends, family, or your local butcher!




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