These parents left their baby alone with an attack dog

When they hear the words "pit bull", most people instinctively think of bloodthirsty attack dogs. Never for their life would they leave a little child unsupervised with such a "killing machine." But these parents did exactly that. They left their baby boy, Siegmund, in the "hands" of just such a dog. 


Because in reality this "dangerous beast" is as gentle as a lamb. The only thing the two-year-old Pit Bull Terrier Akamara was planning to do with little Siegmund was some serious cuddling. 

Justin Acuff, the dog's owner and father of Siegmund, ended up writing this plea to promote greater understanding of these "attack" dogs:

"Siegmund was born on November 26, 2014. He first met Akamara on the 27th. We NEVER leave Siegmund alone with Akamara — after all, she’s dangerous to him. She might quite literally snuggle him to death."


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Little known to most people, but American Pit Bull Terriers are nanny dogs. As the United Kennel Club (UKC) states in their breed standard: “APBTs make excellent family companions and have always been noted for their love of children.” They make bad guard dogs, by the way — they’re too friendly. 

Dogfighting has existed probably since humans domesticated dogs, and has flourished during the last century as an underground sport. Pit bulls are favored for a number of reasons, but that’s not their fault, and it certainly isn’t due to their temperament. It’s because they bite hard

You can take a territorial, defensive dog — a normal personality type across most breeds, which requires socialization and training as a pup to deter aggression — and turn them into a fighter. It’s criminal, but possible. And those dogs, if rescued, may suffer from PTSD or other mental trauma that increases the chances of an attack, especially if rescued by an inexperienced or unprepared owner. But it’s not the breed. If it came down to it, dogfighters would probably pit chihuahuas against each other.

Akamara is a rescue, but a victim of only neglect. I got her at six months old with mange, no inoculations, and a desperate need for attention. Her immune system was extremely deficient and she’s struggled with ear infections. 

Just remember, a killer isn’t what most pit bulls look like. This is:"


These pictures clearly show how gentle these so-called "killer dogs" usually are in reality. Akamara was lucky enough to be rescued and raised to be her true self. Anyone would leave their baby with a dog like that. It's time to stop cruelty to animals and for all people to understand that dogs by themselves are seldom aggressive. Not the animal but its human master deserves the criticism! 

Check out Justin's whole article, which has been read and shared all over the world.


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