Woman gets complaint from neighbor for hanging laundry outside

A woman in Munich, Germany, recently decided to take advantage of a sunny day and hang her laundry out to dry on her balcony. But her neighbor had a problem with that and voiced her objection in this note that she slid under her door...

"Hello Neighbor,

In the future could you please not hang your underwear on your balcony? This is a Christian house and our son should grow up free from shame and temptation!"


Ein Beitrag geteilt von Constanze (@mrsilli) am

The woman who received the note posted it on Twitter where it was met with some amusing reactions. "Don't you know the 11th commandment? Thou shalt not hang underwear where the neighbors can see it," wrote one Twitter user sarcastically. Another had a funny suggestion: "I would immediately start hanging up the laundry in the nude!"

How would you have reacted?




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