A young victim of bullying commits suicide at 20

Bullying at school is a serious problem that should not be taken lightly. Most often we hear about cases in high schools, but this kind of harassment can also take place later when young people are in college.

This is what happened to Adrien Gorget. His family contacted us so we can honor his memory. 

Adrien was a curious kid, a studious teenager and a bright and sporty young man. It looked like there was nothing that could stop him from succeeding in life.

After graduating from high school with honors, his dream came true: he was accepted into a top engineering college. He had always been fascinated by aeronautics and wanted to turn his passion into his job by becoming an aerospace engineer.

In 2013, he began studying at the prestigious college and looked forward to a bright future.

Facebook / Monik Gorget

But Adrien soon became the target of aggressive bullying, and it wasn't just the playful hazing that takes place on most college campuses. He was being horribly victimized and when his car was vandlized, he broke the "code of silence" and reported it to the police.

Facebook / Monik Gorget

From that point on Adrien became very isolated. The reprisals for his reporting of the crime were terrible. To escape all of this, Adrien would often go for long bike rides and in just five months he cycled over 2,700 miles.

By the time he was in his third year at college, life had become extremely difficult for him. His family did all they could to support him.

As the trial date for the student who vandalized Adrien's car grew closer, he began to fear the revenge that was sure to come. Adrien was scared and desperate. Feeling completely abandoned by his fellow students and the college administrators, he could think of only one way out. At the age of 20, Adrien committed suicide.

His farewell letter clearly stated that he felt that the school was responsible for the tragedy.

This is the deeply moving tribute video created by Adrien’s family:

Unfortunately, Adrien's case is not an isolated one. Bullying is a widespread phenomenon that destroys lives and it's important for all of us to learn to recognize it and stop it.

Let’s talk openly about bullying and shatter the taboo so we can help the victims and make the perpetrators understand the seriousness of their crimes. The more informed people are about this problem, the more can be done to stop it once and for all. 


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