Burglars return to poison brave dog that scared them off

Dogs are often considered "man's best friend" and this story shows just how true that saying is. In the Indonesian city of Merauke, Achy Wijaya's trusty four-legged companion had kept his owner safe once again by barking and scaring off intruders in the middle of the night. Achy heard the barking but thought nothing off it. The dog continued barking to warn its owner, but Achy did not feel the need to get out of bed. He only found out the next day that the barking may have saved his life.

"We have to be more careful because burglaries are becoming more rampant. A few days ago, in the middle of the night, our house became the target for some thieves. But their attempt to rob us failed because our dog didn't stop barking," wrote Achy on his Facebook page.

As revenge for the failed burglary, the thieves returned and poisoned the dog. The poor animal suffered badly but held on until it was found the next morning foaming at the mouth and struggling for its last breaths.

"We wanted to take him to the veterinarian, but because we live in Papua, most vets only know how to treat livestock. It was also Sunday and the clinic was closed," explained Achy.

"We tried to get the poison out of him by giving him milk, oil and coconut water. Unfortunately it didn't help."

The family stayed at their beloved dog's side until the very end. Achy even made a short video of the suffering animal's final moments as a memorial to the brave victim of a horribly malicious act of revenge. When the poor dog finally passed away, Achy dug a grave in their backyard and laid him to rest.

Hopefully this story will serve as a warning to all dog owners not to ignore their dogs when they bark in the middle of the night. It is of course never easy to tell when the barking should be taken seriously, but paying more attention can help to avoid a potentially tragic outcome.

Here is the heartbreaking video of the brave dog's final moments...

At least Achy's dog was able to protect him and his family from harm while showing the world just how loyal and selfless these wonderful creatures really are.


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