Strong: Young woman overcomes anorexia and becomes a powerhouse

You can often tell that someone's not doing well by how they treat their body. If people suffer from an inferiority complex, if they don't feel they deserve to be here and, in a way, would rather disappear altogether, they might end up punishing themselves by trying to become smaller.

Bit by bit they recede, for instance, by starving themselves to death. 

That was Abby Pollock, a Canadian from Toronto. 

Five years ago the young woman suffered from a severe eating disorder and was at least 20 lbs underweight. She looked unhealthy, though in her own perception — skewed by the cruel psychology of eating disorders — she was starving herself towards an ideal.

At the time, she was in an unhappy relationship and dealing with a high level of stress too, as she studied to become an engineer. Then her father received a diagnosis of cancer. While she felt like her whole life was slipping out of her control, she held ever tighter to the one thing she could control: her body. She denied herself the sustenance she actually needed, eating only 900 to 1000 calories per day (under the half the recommended amount for someone her age and gender). 

Ultimately she was only eating vegan raw food, and just two salads and a smoothie every day. When she felt like she might collapse from hunger, she would chew on a little piece of raw vegetable.

Then, in 2013, she was so exhausted with her constant struggle with hunger that she decided to fundamentally change her life. She turned to a nutritionist, who slowly and gently helped her to change her eating habits and reorganize her exercise plan.

Now Abby consumes 1700 calories per day of tasty whole foods, she does less endurance training and started lifting weights instead. 

Her new lifestyle had unimaginable consequences: not only did she achieve a healthy weight again, but she's also built up muscle mass — so much so that she's rather proud of her new, well-proportioned backside... 

Like many women, Abby was afraid of losing her feminine figure through weight training. But now she gets to enjoy her powerful body and her great curves.

Wow, what a fearless woman who's not willing to cede the space in the world that she needs. Her staggering changes will be a huge inspiration for others not to give up on themselves but instead, to rediscover the life, health, and power they truly deserve.


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