Seven-year-old with Down syndrome takes photo of guardian angel

Kerri Liles is a mom of seven and Aasher is her youngest child. Aasher is intentionally spelled with an additional 'a' to symbolize the chromosome 21, which the child also has more than one of. The boy, who is nonverbal, loves to take photos. On a flight with his family from Washington back home to Houston, Aasher took a whole bunch of photos from the cabin window using his mom’s cell phone.

When she took her phone back and scrolled through the pics, she couldn't believe what she saw.


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"After he took a few dozen, I took the phone back and later went through the images to delete since my storage was getting low. As I was deleting, I came across this one close to the middle of all of his cloud and plane wing pics," explained his mom on her Facebook page. "I do believe that he captured his angel out the window that day to bring him comfort in a rather bumpy takeoff," she continued.

"He will let us know when he sees something by pointing and flapping his arms like wings," explained his mom. And he truly did capture something rather special with this picture. "Down syndrome is not bad or frightening," said his mom. "It is only a different way than the one we originally wanted to take. AAsher is a real lottery win!"


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