Shown footage of factory farms, festival-goers were stunned silent

WARNING: This video contains extremely graphic images that viewers will find upsetting.

One of the uglier aspects of life in the modern age is the advent of factory farming. Increased consumption of meat, eggs, and dairy products requires mass production in order to keep up with demand. The animal rights organizations and Mercy for Animals made this video to spread awareness of some of the inhumane conditions that exist on these farms. They asked attendees at a music festival to watch it and filmed their reactions. Here is what they saw: 

It's hard to imagine that most people who viewed this video could do so without wanting to see these brutal practices brought to an end. Although the film advocates a vegan (i.e. exclusively plant-based) diet, whether or not one eats meat and dairy, we can all agree that farming with these methods is unacceptable. For more information about what you can do to prevent animals on factory farms suffering, this site has some suggestions for where to start.


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