Doctors finally relent and allow dying woman's dog to visit her

Brazilian Rejane Chili found out that she had cancer at the age of 49. It was already at an advanced stage and after several initial weeks at the hospital, following the diagnosis, it became clear that she wasn't leaving. Friends and family visited her regularly but one very special friend was missing. 

Rejane had had her dog Ritchie since he was a puppy and loved him like a member of the family. Being separated from him was awful. As she faced the possibility of her life ending, she longed to have him brought for a visit and asked hospital staff. But animals were strictly prohibited from the hospital premises, which is supposed to be as antiseptic as possible.

Her state deteriorated. When her doctors realized that she didn't have much time left, they decided they simply had to make an exception. They informed her family and her son Tiago hurried to get Ritchie.

He arrived in a taxi and was escorted up to a special room the staff had prepared for the canine visitor. But when Ritchie saw Rejane from a distance, there was no holding him back. He raced towards her, Tiago hoisted him onto her bed, and Ritchie licked her face and snuggled up to her, visibly overcome by happiness.

Family members captured the moving moment on video: 

The attachment dogs can feel for their owners shows such an immense, touching generosity of spirit, which must be part of why we humans love them so much in turn. What a good thing that Rejane's doctors appreciated it too and allowed her sweet, four-legged best friend to visit her and say goodbye. It clearly meant the world — for both of them.


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