Horrifying: doctors remove 200 stones from woman's liver and gallbladder

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, or so the saying goes. One woman who has now been given the same advice had spent 10 years suffering with severe stomach pain, before she finally decided to trust a doctor.

Mrs. Chen, a 45-year-old woman from China, almost never ate breakfast, but always spread out the times she ate, irregularly, throughout the day. Doctors at the Guangji Hospital in Suzhou in east China blame her suffering on her eating habits.

Mrs. Chen had an overwhelming fear of doctors, but when her pain became unbearable, an operation was ultimately unavoidable. During the procedure, the doctors quickly found what was causing their patient such agony.

They had to remove more than 200 gallstones from her gallbladder and liver. The demanding operation lasted six and a half hours.

Dr. Quan Xuwei, who operated on Mrs. Chen, said that if someone regularly skips breakfast, this can lead to the gallbladder not working properly and producing too much bile — which can lead to gallstones.

British doctors disagree with their Chinese colleagues on this point. The formation of gallstones can have various causes, and to place the blame on irregular eating habits is pure speculation, according to Dr. George Webster, from the University College London Hospital.

Whatever the cause of this mass of gallstones, it's good that Mrs. Chen is finally feeling better. No matter how big your fear of operations is, if you're in a lot of pain you should always consult a doctor as soon as possible.




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