11 mysterious photos from the past that defy explanation

Back before the days of Photoshop, it wasn't so easy to achieve incredible and mind-bending pictures with just a clunky camera and a dark room. Nevertheless, since photography was invented (and in one example here, even before! ), people have enjoyed amusing themselves with pictures of the "beyond." Here are 11 classic images that have puzzled people for decades, depicting phenomena that can only be described as creepy. Some of them might even keep you awake at night. Maybe someone with amazing Google skills can find the answers and put our minds at rest!

1. Pyramids on the moon?

In 1972, astronauts shot this photo on the surface of the moon during the Apollo 17 mission. Or did they?


2. Strange lights over Norway

Starting in 1981, these so-called “Hessdalen lights” began appearing for a few seconds or even minutes and then would vanish as suddenly as they had appeared. Apparently, they occasionally leave behind strange substances in the snow...


3. Time traveller with cell phone

This image comes from Charlie Chaplin’s 1928 film “The Circus.” Look closely at the human figure behind the zebra. It appears to be someone holding a cell phone to their ear. Where's the DeLorean?


4. The "Black Knight Satellite”

In 1960, when neither the Americans nor Russians had yet to send anything comparable into space, this object was spotted in Earth's orbit. 


5. Man poses for photo... after his funeral!

This 1919 picture is of the WWI unit Goddard's Squadron onboard the ship the HMS Daedalus. Freddy Jackson, a mechanic, appears in the background. But Freddy was said to have died in a work-related accident some time before the photo. Hmmmmm...


6. “Solway Firth Spaceman”

In 1964, a family was out for a leisurely stroll in England, during which the father took a picture of his daughter. No one else was present, but in the picture a man in an astronaut suit can be seen, only no-one had noticed until the photo was developed. 


7. Watery souls

This photo was taken by the captain of the S.S. Watertown in 1924. Look closely and you can see the spirits of two crew members who had died on the ship. Sailors claimed that after they were laid to rest at sea, they followed the ship for several days. Time to cut back on the rum rations?


8. Dangling corpse

When the Cooper family took this photo in the 1950s, they never could have fathomed what would appear after it was developed. Do you think they stayed in that house after that?


9. Medieval UFO

This painting comes from the 15th century. But what did the artist paint in the background? Even if it is is supposed to be an airship or a balloon, these were only invented several hundred years later. So what is the man in the background looking at in the sky?


10. Sea monster

This photo caused a stir after first appearing in March 1965. It was taken at Hook Island, Australia and clearly shows a huge sea monster. The men who took this photo claimed that the monster tried to snap at them before suddenly disappearing.


11. The "Time-travelling Hipster"

One man definitely does not fit into this picture, taken in 1941. Could he be walking among us with secrets from the past?


Perhaps all of these mysterious pictures have rational explanations. Care to take a crack at solving them?


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