This mother forced her son to ejaculate into a jar. 22 years later, he gives her a tearful thank you.

Jason and Emily Kotas from Denver, Colorado, enjoy playing with the latest addition to the family, Sam, who was born just a few months ago. They seem like a typical happy family, but all is not what it seems — their baby boy was actually "created" 22 years ago!

Back in 1995, Jason was diagnosed with bone cancer after a baseball-sized tumor was discovered just behind his left shoulder. Once admitted to the Children's Hospital of Colorado, he had surgery to remove the growth before undergoing radiation and chemotherapy sessions for over a year.

When doctors warned Jason that the treatment would most likely leave him sterile, his parents had an idea that would change his life forever. Showing incredible forethought, they recommended that Jason freeze his sperm so that he could choose to have children at a later time. Kids were the last thing on the ill teenager's mind, but his parents were able to convince him to bank his sperm by arguing that they were "their grandchildren."

The operation and subsequent treatment went well and Jason succeeded in battling the disease without any further major complications. Fifteen years later, he returned to the Children's Hospital of Colorado, this time as the emergency services manager. This is also where he met Emily, his future wife.

After tying the knot, Jason and Emily longed for a baby. However, the "traditional" way of conceiving was no longer an option after Jason's childhood treatment. This is when the Coloradan remembered what his parents made him do 22 years ago — the frozen sperm could be the answer to their prayers!

Thanks to his parents' planning, Emily was able to conceive through in-vitro fertilization using the banked sperm. She later gave birth to baby Sam. "It's fascinating that half of little Sam was created 20 plus years ago," said Emily.


We can only agree — it really is hard to believe that half of Sam was sitting frozen for 22 years! This family's remarkable story has the most wonderful of endings; first-time parents Jason and Emily are now enjoying every new challenge with their happy and healthy son. We wish them all the best for the future!




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